PGCE with Physical Education Specialism

The PGCE is a 37 week school-based course, during which you will complete weekly tasks relating to working in a school environment as well as teaching physical education and games. There are three options available: primary, preparatory and secondary, each one having a bespoke 37-week training programme. There are three compulsory residentials (nine days overall) to attend where you will engage in academic seminars and sport-specific training led by subject specialists.

Both academic tasks and practical teaching will be completed under the guidance of a school mentor, engaging in weekly tutorials where progress is reviewed. All tasks and relevant documentation will be completed using the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You will be assigned a University tutor who visits once per term to assess your progress and guide your development. There is a triangulated assessment process involving you as the trainee, your mentor and your tutor and also three assignments to complete.

For teachers undertaking their first year of teaching we highly recommend your participation in our Ab Initio course in late August as an addition to the PGCE. This will provide you with some basic knowledge and skills to start teaching.  Following this training day we deliver a ‘Teaching Games Course’ where attendance is strongly advised. The day is highly practical and aims to provide teachers with a toolkit of how to plan and teach invasion games

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