Research in Adult Dyslexia (ReAD)


ReAD is intended as a forum for researchers and practitioners to submit their research on the experiences of adults with dyslexia; particularly those who are beyond formal education. In our experience there are many people, researchers, practitioners and students working on projects within the adult dyslexia field. We would like the ReAD website to become a repository for systematic studies, including qualitative research and case studies, in the adult dyslexia field. In addition, we are also keen to use the ReAD website to promote evidence-based good practice for interventions with adult dyslexics, so please send us information about interventions you have used in your research or practice.


Systematic studies including qualitative research and case studies. In addition, evidence of good practice for interventions with adult dyslexics.

If you would like others to know about the research you are conducting into adult dyslexia, why not write a short summary of your data and findings for our Research page, submit a project report or have us link to a peer-reviewed paper of yours? We are interested in good quality quantitative and qualitative research. We are also interested in minor projects being carried out by undergraduate or postgraduate students. Therefore, we would welcome the submission of final-year undergraduate students’ reports and postgraduate work.

If you would like us to link to your website on adult dyslexia research or practice please also let us know.

Please note however that ReAD will not be used to promote commercial products.


ReAD can be contacted by email at:

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