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Many of our teaching academics are also research active and participate in industry-renowned research and publication outside of the University’s specialist centres. This may be in the form of collaborations with partner institutions or fellow academics, independent works, or participating in large research groups.

Our academics are known for their contributions to the various canons of their specialisms, and are often invited to be key notes speakers at conferences around the world.

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The University of Buckingham Press publishes authoritative, independent research and academic works by Buckingham staff and others in both journals and books.

D. Ibrahim, H. Al-Assam, S. Jassim & H. Du, “Multi-level Trainable Segmentation for Measuring Gestational and Yolk Sacs from Ultrasound Images“, MIUA 2017: Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (July 2017, CCIS Series vol. 723), 86-97

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S. Pal, H. Al-Assam and H. Sellahewa, “On the Discrimination Power of Dynamic Features for Online Signature”, accepted to appear in the 50th International Conference in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (London, August 2017)

F. Shukur & H. Sellahewa, “An Intelligent Context-Aware Biometrics System Based on Agent Technology”, accepted to appear in IWAISe, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) (Melbourne, August 2017)

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