Clore Laboratory Contract Research portfolio expanded

15 August 2008

Clore Laboratory Contract Research at the University of Buckingham, UK, has now added hamster hyperlipidemic studies to its metabolic disease portfolio.

In vivo evaluation of lipid modulators using hamsters is now offered, alongside the bespoke in vivo pharmacology service for the chronic evaluation of novel treatments for diabetes and obesity.

The Clore Laboratory staff members are internationally recognised leaders in the area of obesity, diabetes and metabolic disease. Clore Laboratory services have helped many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the generation of critical decision-making data, including progression of novel compounds towards clinical studies.

The Clore Laboratory service includes:
•  advice on experimental design
•  selection of animal model
•  protocol writing
•  analysis of blood and tissue samples – using enzymatic or antibody-based assays, molecular biology and histology

Services available are described in:
Pre-clinical service brochure (pdf)

For further information and enquiries please contact:
Professor M A Cawthorne