Strategic alliance with GW Pharmaceuticals on cannabinoids for metabolic disease

16 June 2009

GW Pharmaceuticals plc has entered into an exclusive strategic alliance with the Clore Laboratory, University of Buckingham focusing on the research of cannabinoids and other phytomedicines in the field of type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease. A dedicated section of the Clore Laboratories has been named the ‘GW Metabolic Research Laboratory’.

The principal objectives of this strategic alliance are as follows:

  • to provide GW with a dedicated facility for undertaking pre-clinical pharmacologic studies of cannabinoids in the area of metabolic disease
  • to provide GW with exclusive access to plant-based therapies under evaluation at the Clore Laboratory
  • to support the pharmaceutical development of new GW cannabinoid medicines to address defined aspects of the metabolic syndrome
  • to provide expert advice to GW, through Professor Mike Cawthorne, Director of the Clore Laboratories, in the metabolic disease area