Jenna Gillett (BSc Psychology)

Buckingham was the first university to treat me as an individual and not just a number in a pool of students. I struggled through my A-levels and did not feel my final grades reflected my work ethic, determination to succeed or passion for learning. Three out of my five choices rejected my application without even hearing my story; to them I was just a set of averagely predicted grades that wouldn’t make the cut.

Right at the start of the admissions process and from being invited to multiple open days, the support from staff was incredible – such support continues throughout your entire degree process and beyond. The psychology department pride themselves on nurturing you to be the best you can be, and with me they helped build confidence and self-belief (as well as first-class grades!) I thrived in the small teaching groups, the opportunity to always seek help and never felt left behind. Everyone in the department is friendly and passionate about teaching Psychology which really helps you to learn effectively.

During my time at Buckingham, I was able to grow and develop research skills, train in statistical analysis techniques and gain experience working in more applied settings. I started Buckingham with an E in A-level maths, fast-forward a few years and I was granted the opportunity to teach multivariate statistics on the undergraduate degree programme… Anything is possible! Buckingham believed in me when no one else did, including myself.

I completed my BSc in Psychology as well as the new MSc Health Psychology course at Buckingham and have since gone on to work as a Research Assistant at the University of Warwick on an impactful research study investigating mental defeat in chronic pain. In the future I aim to complete a PhD as well as my Stage 2 training to become a fully qualified Health Psychologist. One day I hope to return to Buckingham to continue to teach and give back to the university who gave me so much.

Twitter: @JennaLGillett