PRS Tool

Pathway Regulation Score Software

PRS software is a new pathway enrichment analysis tool with a MATLAB graphical user interface. The tool enables end users to analyze microarray gene expression data and run a pathway enrichment analysis using two different approaches, PRS and z-score. The tool provides end users with an option of assessing the statistical significance of the results along with the ability to navigate through the maps of enriched pathways where significant genes are marked with different colours.

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  • If you have MATLAB installed on your PC, please download the Topology-based Pathway Analysis package, and then run it straight-away from Matlab by right-clicking on the PRS_interface.p file then press Run
  • A tool Guide is provided in the package (GUI_Guide.doc)

               Required Products:  MATLAB (R2010a or above).                           


To cite the tool please use the following article: Ibrahim, M., S. Jassim, M. Cawthorne & K. Langlands, “A MATLAB tool for pathway enrichment using a topology-based pathway regulation score”, BMC Bioinformatics Journal, 2014, 15(1), 358.

The article is freely available to download from BMC Bioinformatics or Research Gate.