Law Society


The student law society provides a community for students through a variety of events we provide. We ensure to organise at least one of the following every term:

  • A social event
  • A vocational event
  • An academic skills event
  • A charity event

As a member of the law society, you will be part of a society that is always active. As we meet weekly we are able to organise a constant stream of events of variety. Although we have connections with the law school and aim to support our members in their studies in every way we can, we also feel that having a social life is vital, and therefore also arrange events to facilitate that study and social life balance. We are never silent, we will always keep you up to date with the latest events and opportunities. Most importantly, if you become a member of the law society we welcome your input. Have an idea for an event or how we can get improve as a society? Let us know!

How often do you meet?

All of our executives meet once a week for around 45-60 minutes. A representative from the law school faculty also attends to bridge the gap between the student law society and the law school, which ensures our events are organised as efficiently as possible.