Indian Society


The aim of the society is to showcase vibrancy and India’s mantra – Unity in Diversity. The 4AM record-breaker that we hosted along with our friends from the Nigerian Society was an exceptional start and have and will be hosting more exciting ‘lit’ events.

Some of our highlights: Bolly-Nollywood Party, Holi ‘Festival of Colours’, Independence Day Party, Cultural Food and Henna, Diwali Party

The Indian Society is an opportunity for you all to indulge in our culturally-rich and colourful heritage. The society will serve to create a home-like experience for people of Indian origin and enable global citizens at the University to experience Indian culture at a unique, personal level.

We are a large, friendly society and we welcome everyone to join in; experience everything we have to offer and embrace this enriched, beautiful culture.

We look forward to seeing you all signing up and at our future events.

How often do we meet?

We try to have at least one event every term.