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Talk by Mike Rogers, Chairman of US Congress Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

27 October 2014

Mike Rogers, Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the US Congress, came to Buckingham to speak about the future of intelligence and the need to stand firm against terrorism. In his talk the US Congressman also praised…

Publication of the week: A. Abdulla, H. Sellahewa & S. Jassim

27 October 2014

A.A. Abdulla, H. Sellahewa & S.A. Jassim, “Steganography based on pixel intensity value decomposition”, Proc. Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications (SPIE 9120, 912005, May 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2050518. This paper focuses on steganography based on pixel intensity value decomposition. A…

Renault-Nissan Consulting is University of Buckingham’s new partner for Lean Enterprise

26 October 2014

The University of Buckingham has a new partner – Renault-Nissan Consulting – for its MSc in Lean Enterprise and its short courses. The Managing Director of Renault-Nissan Consulting, David Howells, will be teaching students on some modules from the MSc…

Stonehenge may feature in 8th Century poem

21 October 2014

A University of Buckingham academic has uncovered an Eighth Century poem, thought to have been written about Bath, which could be the oldest surviving text to describe Stonehenge. Research Fellow Dr Graeme Davis, a mediaeval language expert, said the poem…

Publication of the week: Professor Susan Edwards

20 October 2014

Edwards, Susan S.M., “The Claims of Culture: The Occident and the Orient in Child Custody”, Journal of Comparative Law  JCL 9.1 (2014), 271-295 This article considers the application and interpretation of the principle of the “welfare of the child” as…

Intelligence experts give evidence to Parliamentary Committee

20 October 2014

Professor Anthony Glees and Dr Julian Richards were invited to give evidence to Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, chaired by Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC, who are conducting an inquiry into the balance between security and privacy. Fellow witnesses were Rt…

In the news: 14 October 2014

14 October 2014

Professor Glees was quoted in an article in the Mail Online (10 October) about the fear that  militants may infect themselves to spread the Ebola virus in the West.  Read article.

Danger of deadly viruses from space

14 October 2014

Professor Wickramasinghe argues in an article in the Daily Express that dinosaurs were probably wiped out by a virus which originated in space.  Other lethal viruses which have appeared during human evolution could have been carried by comets and entered…

Top salaries for Buckingham graduates

13 October 2014

University of Buckingham students come fourth – excluding London institutions – when it comes to graduate salaries, according to The Sunday Times. With graduates earning £24,175 on average in the first six months after leaving, the University is only beaten…

Publication of the week: H. Du, H. Al-Jubouri & H. Sellahewa

13 October 2014

H. Du, H. Al-Jubouri & H. Sellahewa, “Effectiveness of image features and similarity measures in cluster-based approaches for content-based image retrieval”, Proc. Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications (SPIE 9120, 912008, May 2014); doi: 10.1117/12.2057721. Content-based image retrieval is an…