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Getting to Buckingham

Have you confirmed your offer with Buckingham? If so, great! It’s time to start planning getting to Buckingham to start your studies.

  1. When to arrive
  2. What to bring with you
  3. Travelling to Buckingham
  4. Late arrivals
  5. Arrival tips for International & EU students

1. When to arrive

Arrival day for January 2019 start is Thursday 17 January, or for September 2019 start is Thursday 26 September.

For subsequent January and September arrival dates, please see our Term Dates.

2. What to bring with you

You will need to bring (or buy on arrival):

  • Spare set of bedding
  • Cooking, eating and drinking utensils
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Equipment and stationery for your studies, such as pens, paper, laptop, and books

You will also need official ID, such as your passport (including visa, if you are required to have one), or EU identity card (EU citizens other than UK).

If you are coming from abroad, you should bring enough UK currency to cover your expenses for the first few days of term until you open a local bank account.

If we have not seen your original academic certificates, transcripts, references or English Language certificate, we will need to see these at registration.

See also Accommodation arrival FAQs.

3. Travelling to Buckingham

Please see How to Get to Buckingham for detailed instructions on arriving by car, train, coach or air.

When you arrive, you should come to the Chandos Road Building, Station Road for registration: please see our Campus Map, or find it on Google Maps.

4. Late arrivals

We aim to offer the best possible service to our students. Late arrival is permitted only in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of your academic department.

If you think your arrival might be delayed, please contact the Admissions Office well in advance so that special arrangements can be made.

Places cannot be held open beyond the first day of term unless permission has been obtained in advance. Tuition and accommodation fees are charged from the beginning of term and no reductions are available because of late arrival. If you have reserved a room but are unable to register on time you must also contact the Accommodation Office to inform them of your arrival date.

Please also get in touch as soon as you can if you are delayed while travelling.

5. Arrival tips for International & EU students

You can find some useful advice in Border Force’s top ten tips for a smooth arrival.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about arriving as an International student.



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