Department of Modern Foreign Languages

The University has always promoted the acquisition of foreign languages, and our Department is an established feature at Buckingham. The international composition of the student body provides us with students who are well aware of the importance of linguistic proficiency and keen to enlarge their portfolio of languages. We teach over a hundred students per year and welcome volunteers whose degree programme does not include a language option. Modern foreign language (MFL) modules are popular because of their lively and interactive nature and because they complement the more essay-based and reading-intensive subjects. The Department operates an open door policy to ensure that students can consult us freely outside class.

Studying a foreign language as part of a combined honours degree is an intellectual challenge that gives you access to another culture and way of life, and enhances your future job prospects. The MFL Department offers French language and Spanish language at all levels to complement study in Accounting, Business, Computing, Communication Studies Economics, English Literature, International Studies, Law, Marketing and Psychology. Please follow the links to the right of this page for details of these honours degrees. Alternatively, you can choose to study a language as a free choice module or a voluntary option.

Language teaching takes place in the historic Chandos Road Building with its language laboratories, audio library, computer-assisted learning, and satellite TV and audio-visual facilities. As with so much at Buckingham, teaching is above all personalised. The quality of the student:staff ratio allows you to make faster progress towards a real understanding and fluency in another language.

Watch an interview with Professor John Drew about the advantages of studying foreign languages and his own experiences of doing so:

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