Clinical Research Committee

Dates for Milton Keynes Hospital and The University of Buckingham Research Collaboration Meetings 2014

All meeting will take place 12:30–13:30

Tuesday 7 January Postgraduate Education Centre Room 2
Wednesday 5 February Eaglestone Function Room
Tuesday 4 March Postgraduate Education Centre Room 2
Wednesday 9 April Eaglestone Function Room
Tuesday 6 May Postgraduate Education Centre Room 4
Wednesday 11 June Eaglestone Function Room
Tuesday 1 July Postgraduate Education Centre Room 2

There will be no meeting in August due to the holiday period

Wednesday 3 September Eaglestone Function Room
Tuesday 14 October Postgraduate Education Centre Room 4
Wednesday 5 November Eaglestone Function Room
Tuesday 2 December Postgraduate Education Centre Room 2

Committee Members

University of Buckingham

MK Trust

Prof John ClaphamProf John Clapham (Chair) Dr Peter Thomas
Dr Joanne SelwayDr Joanne Selway (Coordinator) Oliver PearceMr Oliver Pearce
Dr Claire StockerDr Claire Stocker Kian-ChinMr Kian Chin
Dr Jacqueline O’Dowd Dr Asif Ali
Dr Katherine FinlayDr Katherine Finlay Ms Rowena Fletcher

Committee Remit

  • To facilitate the interaction of basic researchers and clinicians
  • Support people in developing research proposals
  • Develop people as researchers
  • To document ongoing research
  • To encourage new research collaborations between the University and MK Trust in key research themes
  • To illustrate the scholarship interactions within the Medical School, including ensuring that collaborations are profiled on MK Trust and University websites
  • To highlight funding opportunities for studies within the key theme areas
  • To ensure University of Buckingham branding is present on MK Trust research publications where applicable
  • To develop new clinical study capabilities at the University

Ongoing Projects

Title: Emotional Contagion: The effect of group dynamics on chronic pain

Researchers: Dr Katherine Finlay, Dr Sue Peacock, Alena Meister

Description: 13% of the UK population suffer from chronic pain, and a large proportion seek help from Pain Management Services. As these usually take place within group settings there is a need to explore how group dynamics influence pain, and because individuals within groups can exert great influence on each other, the Pain Management Clinics may be positively or negatively reinforcing pain in patients, rather than resolving it. Therefore this study will examine Emotional Contagion, a tendency to feel, express and be affected by emotions experienced within a group. Group dynamics within this field will be analysed to examine if patients influence each other’s pain. By investigating these potential group risk factors Pain Management Services may be improved to increase the positive outcomes for patients. Further this study aims to provide preliminary evidence on the role of group dynamics and Emotional Contagion on chronic pain as well as detect any kind of competition that may take place in Pain Management Services. This research is a longitudinal observational study using a mixed method within subjects design, identifying processes of group dynamics through questionnaires and conversation analysis.