National Student Survey

You said, we did

The National Student Survey is an annual survey that aims to get the opinion of final year students to help future students decide where they would like to study. The survey is now open to Buckingham final year students. Make sure you have your say by completing this quick survey.

We love to receive feedback from our students on how your university experience can be improved. Please see below to see how your recent feedback has been addressed. If you have any thoughts on improvements that can be made, please get in touch.

Computing You Said We Did Winter 2018Computing

You said you would like more opportunities to broaden your learning
We offered short courses on Computer Graphics and Multimedia Forensics delivered by visiting lecturers

You said you would benefit from more detailed feedback on assessment
We now provide a detailed breakdown of marks for coursework and exams

You said you would like a greater balance between coursework and examinations
We ensure most modules now have an exam to coursework ratio of 60:40


You said there was not enough information provided regarding module options
We organised “Options Sessions” so leaders of the following term’s modules can meet with students, to answer questions and give additional information

You said you didn’t know how to improve your grades
We introduced Feedback Weeks following each exam diet. All students are encouraged to meet and discuss results with their personal tutors or module leaders

You said some personal tutors work part-time and are not always available
We have asked academic staff have put up their availability and contact details outside their offices

Economics and International Studies You Said We Did Winter 2018Economics and International Studies

You said there is a lack of extra events aside from parties
We have introduced a termly Careers event, attracting partnerships with KPMP and Santander

You said marking criteria are sometimes inconsistent and not clarified well enough unless you ask lecturers repeatedly
We have encouraged all lecturers to explain in class how a particular question should be approached and the marking criteria used

You said there should be more staff-student interaction, especially during the revision classes prior to exams
We have made revision classes more frequent in the run-up to exams. Lecturers are available to mark past paper questions and give feedback

English You Said We Did Winter 2018English

You said the Dissertation is a challenge to write in two terms
We sought advice from External Examiners and built-in interim tasks and group meetings to create a better structure for successful completion

You often tell us the books you loved to study (and those you didn’t!)
We are continually revising reading lists to ensure the books selected are as inspiring and moving as possible

You said the assessment weighting for some English Studies coursework was too low
We consulted with students and External Examiners and increased the weighting in line with other modules

Law You Said We Did Winter 2018Law

You said you would like to help with how to structure your essays
We have organised classes in academic skills to be run by the Foundation Department

You said there should be more information available on how to get good grades
We have asked lecturers to continually reiterate the guidance they give in lectures on this subject

You said PowerPoint presentations should be available on Moodle before lectures
We will raise this issue at our next Learning and Teaching Committee

You said you would like more guidance on which subject areas to revise
We ensure lecturers and tutors run revision sessions before each exam diet

You said there should be time between finishing tutorials and starting exams
We are working with the University to look into this possibility

You said previous lectures should be recapped each week
We have asked lecturers to consider providing recaps where appropriate

Library You Said We Did Winter 2018Library

You said you would like access to more electronic journals and resources
We increased our subscriptions to new databases, giving you access to more full text journal articles

You said you would like more help with online library resources
We created online videos on eBooks, accessing EBSCO, and off-campus access to resources

You said you would like more training on how to research
We now offer all students training on databases, e-journals, eBooks, and the library catalogue

Medicine You Said We Did Winter 2018Medicine

You said you wanted more information about the IPE exams
We provided a comprehensive revision guide

You said there should be a wider range and more anatomy models to practise on
We are phasing in more models to improve access to resources

You said you would like better access to support in Phase 2
We provided bi-monthly drop-in sessions at MKUH

You said anatomy models should be used more during lectures, group work, and revision sessions
We have increased their use during these sessions

You said revision sessions should be more flexible
We have changed the style of revision sessions to reflect your feedback

You said you would like more information on student electives
We provided further information on electives

Psychology You Said We Did Winter 2018Psychology

You said you would like Psychology options at the Prelim stage
We have introduced ‘Skills for Psychologists’ and ‘Positive Psychology’ modules at Prelim

You said the coursework component of modules should account for a greater proportion relative to exams
We now weight exams and coursework 50:50

You said lecture slides and assignments should be available in Week 1 of term
We have ensured all staff make these available on Moodle from the beginning of term