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The Psychology Society is a student-run society for anyone interested in psychology. Whether you are a psychology student or someone simply interested in psychology, everyone is welcome to join. We hope that all can benefit from what the Society has to offer:

  • Enhancing & supporting academic experience through speakers, events and peer support
  • Provide social opportunities
  • Promoting the Psychology department and networking with other departments / societies
  • Promoting further interest and insight into the psychological field.

We do this by arranging a number of psychologically themed programmes, events, invited guest speakers; we aim to bring professionals and researchers who are leaders in their fields, parties and meet-ups. We also seek to build alliances with local volunteer agencies such as the Alzheimer’s Society to help provide volunteering opportunities and experience in helping roles.

All events are advertised on our Facebook group as well as via email to our members.

If you haven’t already joined we strongly encourage you to become a member to get access to exclusive member benefits, discounts and opportunities.

The membership fee is £3 (for 2 years) and you can join by contacting our student executives, details listed below.

We also encourage our members to see this as a partnership and to tell us what they want and expect from us.

Psychology Society Executive Committee 2018

Maia Okoloba

Maia Okoloba, President

Daria Ermolenko

Daria Ermolenko, Vice President

Beth Scales

Beth Scales, Secretary

Dylan Lloyd

Dylan Lloyd, Treasurer

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