Borrowing rules

  • Loans will only be made against a valid Student uCard or Staff Library Card or identity card with photograph. Loans are non-transferable; the person in whose name an item is borrowed is responsible for its return.
  • Returns: Borrowers must return items to a staff member at the Library service desk and satisfy themselves that loans are discharged at the time of return. Short loan items must be returned to the issuing library.
  • Renewals: A loan may be renewed unless required by another borrower or for short loan. Renewal of short loan items must be made before 14:00. Telephone renewals are allowed: up to 15 times for short loan and 3 times for week and general loan items. Students and staff can renew their own books on eLibrary by entering their ID and PIN number and requesting to Renew within User Services. To renew your books please go to eLibrary.
  • Recalls: When a general loan item is recalled, it must be returned within a week of the notice.
  • Reservations: A short loan item already on loan may be reserved for the next period only. If not claimed within an hour, the reservation will lapse.

How to renew your Library books: You can renew books on your account by using the E-Library (top right on the Library catalogue page). You’ll need your Library PIN which would have been emailed to your University account at the start of your first term. If you can’t find it ask at the Library issue desks.

Please be aware if a book is overdue or has been requested by another user, you won’t be able to renew your items.

You can also telephone the Library to renew books: the telephone numbers are on the date label at the front of the book. We will need your ID number so please have this ready when you call the Library.

Again, please be aware if a book is overdue or has been requested by another user, we won’t be able to renew your items.

You can also renew your Library books at the Library issue desk.


 Short Loans Please renew before 14:00 £2.00 per item per day
 Weekly Loans Please renew before 23:59 £2.00 per item per day
 General Loans Please renew before 23:59 £0.50 per item per day

Lost Books: If you have lost a Library book, please let us know as soon as possible. We will give you 2 weeks to see if you can find the book without accumulating any fines during this period. Check to see if a friend may have borrowed it, study places you may have used and University lost property at Chandos Road. If you have lost it, we ask that you pay the replacement cost of the book + £5.00 administration fee.

Loan entitlement


Total Loan

Short Loan / Short Loan Ref*Week Loan*DVD* I.L.L.*
Undergraduate students182+2225
Taught postgraduate students202+2225
Research students302+22210
Academic staff302+22210
Visiting academics102+2220
Non-academic staff152+2220
Distance learners102+2225
Visiting / occasional students102+2220
External borrowers50000
* Included in total loan
Loan periods:
General loans (books):
Issued for a 28-day period
Week loans (books & CDs):
Issued for a 7-day period
Short loans (books & DVDs):
Borrowed on
Due back at
Monday – Thursday2 pm of following day
Friday – Sunday2 pm on the following Monday
SLN-Ref: Issued for a 2-hour period

Complaints Procedure for Library

The Library wants to provide our customers with the best possible service. If you have a problem, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

Step 1. Talk to a member of Library staff about the issue.
Where possible we will deal with the issue immediately; if we are unable to do so, an explanation will be given as to what action will be taken next.

Step 2. If you feel this has not solved the problem, email You will receive an acknowledgement by email within one working day, setting out how we intend to deal with the complaint. You should expect us to resolve the complaint within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint.

Step 3. If you consider the matter has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, you should raise your complaint through the University Students Complaints Policy and Procedure as laid out in the Student Handbook.