Library Services

Current students can access Library services via our SharePoint site.

General loan

These are on the open shelves in the Library. They can be borrowed for a 28-day period, subject to recall. General loans can be renewed three times without returning them to the Library.

Short loan

Books which are expected to be heavily used, such as basic texts, are kept behind the Service Desk at each site, in the Short Loan Collection. The loan period is one day: books have to be returned by 14:00 on the day after issue. Books borrowed on Friday and throughout the week-end are due for return by 14:00 on Monday. Books borrowed on the last day of term, must be returned by 14:00 on the first day of the following term.  Short loans can be renewed 15 times without returning them to the Library.

Week loan and self issue terminal

Week loans are issued for a seven day period, and are in the corridor at the Franciscan Library , and by the self issue terminal on the ground floor of the Hunter Street Library.  Week loans can be renewed three times without returning them to the Library.

Reference collection

Some materials, such as Law reports and statutes, journals and newspapers, theses and past examination papers, and reference books, are intended for use within the Library. At each site there is a Reference collection of books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and directories, covering a wide range of subjects


Past examination papers

Past examination papers from 2001 are available online at any University computer. Access is from your student desktop. Click the following options:
“Start”, then “Library Resources”, then “Exam Papers Online”. You can search by “Department” and “Year” and narrow your search down by a word from the examination title, using the keyword box as necessary, e.g.:
“Department” Law “Year” 2010 “Keyword” criminal.

This service replaces the bound paper copies of examination papers which are held in the Library prior to 2002.

Document supply and Inter-library loans

Books and journals required for University courses are normally available in the Library. Materials which are not available in the Library, and which are needed by students doing research for special projects, can be obtained from outside sources. The Inter-library loan service is located at the Hunter Street Library.

Copyright Information

If you intend to distribute extracts (such as chapters / articles) scanned from copyright protected books, journals or magazines, or upload them on Moodle, please contact the Librarian about Digital Content Store. Email your scans to so that Digital Copies can be checked that they are  compliant with the terms of the CLA Higher Education Licence.

Please note that if you distribute a scanned extract to another individual or a group of students outside the terms of the CLA licence and you have not obtained the permission of the relevant rights owner to do so, you might be putting yourself and the University of Buckingham at risk of an infringement of copyright law.