Buckingham Student Law Review (BSLR)

Buckingham Student Law Review Editorial Board 2015

Top Row: from Left to Right
Anastasia Mutugi; Nick Brown; Christen Robie; Ibrahim Afridi; Raiff Andrews; Charles Hogan; Jenna Green
Bottom Row: from Left to Right
Amelia Tracey; Thasnim Miah; Shida Azari; Professor Susan Edwards; Alexander Katznelson; Fabiola Aruci; Philisea Bethel

Welcome to the BSLR.

The BSLR is an annual publication which aspires to be the preeminent source of undergraduate legal scholarship for students in the Buckingham Law School and beyond.

It is our mission to foster intellectual discourse of legal issues with contemporary significance in a style that reflects a balance between theoretical and practical views; to be appreciated by any curious inquiring mind. We aspire to enrich the overall academic experience by encouraging intense legal research, analysis and writing. To accomplish these goals we maintain an uncompromising level of ethical conduct, an unflinching enthusiasm, and a collaborative editorial process that utilizes the diverse experiences and legal skills of our members.


Download a copy of the BSLR in PDF format:

The 2015 Editorial Board

Our membership is diverse and we aim to encourage independent critical scholarship of issues of national and international significance. We welcome submission of articles, essays, and research papers that embrace an expansive range of topics in any field of law.

Editorial Board: Anastasia Mutugi (Editor); Nick Brown (Editor); Christen Robie (Editor); Ibrahim Afridi (Editor); Raiff Andrews (Editor); Charles Hogan (Writer); Jenna Green (Writer), Amelia Tracey (Writer); Thasnim Miah (Editor & Secretary); Shida Azari (Editor-in-Chief); Professor Susan Edwards (Dean of the Law School); Alexander Katznelson (Deputy Editor-in-Chief); Fabiola Aruci (Writer); Philisea Bethel (Editor), Chris McCormick (Assistant Editor) and Maciej Troc (Writer)

Editor-in-Chief for Volume 4: Ibrahim Afridi

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