A message from Anthony Seldon

Is Buckingham right for you?

Sir Anthony SeldonOur Vice-Chancellor (that’s the leader of the University), Sir Anthony Seldon, is an internationally renowned educationalist, historian, political commentator and author. He writes here about making one of the most important decisions of your life:

When you decide to join us at the University of Buckingham, I want to be sure that you have thought very carefully about it. For some of you, this will be the first significant life-decision you have ever made as a young adult. Whether and where you go to university can be a life-defining decision; you will be devoting your time (only two years at Buckingham rather than three at other universities) and making a financial commitment too.

My advice is to do your research well. In particular, spend a lot of time looking at your course options. Read the course and module descriptions carefully and imagine yourself immersed in the content, reading widely, discussing issues late into the night, and arguing with fellow students, academics and your friends. In my experience, you will know when you find the right course – if it clicks, you’ve probably hit on the right one.

Higher education is not like a harder version of school. At university you become part of an adult, scholarly community; a community that is curious, sometimes furious, and deeply interested in both the breadth of a subject and the deep corners of knowledge that might need you to help unlock it and articulate it. Universities use knowledge to help you learn, but also encourage you to be part of creating new knowledge, by thinking and practising and writing about things in new ways. It’s a wonderful experience, but it also requires effort. Many students will have lows as well as highs, but I love to witness those moments when things start to come together for our students, and to see them grow and flourish in this new learning environment.

Here at Buckingham, we understand that your journey to graduation needs support and we’ve always used small group and tutorial teaching to ensure that every single student gets the help they need to flourish and unlock their potential.

My final piece of advice is to wait if you’re not sure you’ve found the right course or even if you’re not sure that university is the right choice for you. We’ll still be here: you can join us in January instead of September if you need more time. And if you decide to get a job for a year or two before deciding what to study, we’ll welcome you amongst many of our students who come to us later in their twenties or older.

Your success is our primary concern. The team at the University of Buckingham is here to support your personal success and you can always speak to someone to discuss your options (+44 (0)1280 820299) if you need help with this important decision.

Good Luck and I look forward to welcoming you to the University of Buckingham.




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