Students experiences of studying in the UK

Activities I have done as a Commonwealth Scholar – Tasnim Rahman

Science communication skills

As a commonwealth scholar I got the opportunity to attend a workshop on ‘Science communication skills’ arranged by The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC). The aim of this workshop was to better enable Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows to talk about their research in an engaging and accessible way. The workshop was taken by Dr Kat Arney, who is an award-winning Storyteller of Science. I learnt the following things:

  • How to improve communication skills by delivering highly effective three-minute flash talks,
  • Considering the key criteria of content, clarity, and charisma
  • How to quickly and clearly explain my research to a non-expert audience. It was nice to talk about science in fun way!

Commonwealth youth innovate to solve future challenges

I got the exciting opportunity as a commonwealth scholar to participate in ‘Your Commonwealth’ Youth Challenge Event. 31 Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows were part of a group of 130 young leaders from across the 53 Commonwealth countries, gathered at Marlborough House, The Commonwealth’s headquarter, London, on 5th July. Commonwealth youth from around the world shared their ideas for a better, brighter future with His Royal Highness, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Participants heard from futurists discussing what innovation really means, the role of technology both now and in the future, and how meaningful change can happen. We worked in groups to make elevator pitches about our proposed innovations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
Our challenge was to propose how the Commonwealth could change for the better by 2040, and what young people from across the Commonwealth could contribute to help it happen.

Me along with my group members proposed:

  • To create platforms so young people can be better-represented in policy making – for example by providing a youth seat at CHOGM or by encouraging National Youth Councils;
  • Provide employment opportunities through a trade agreement amongst all 53 Commonwealth countries.

CSC Farewell Event 2018

On 19th July, I attended the Commonwealth Farewell event, over 100 commonwealth scholars and fellows were present there. Also, in attendance were representatives from Commonwealth High Commissions and CSC Commissioners and staff. The program was organised as every scholar is at their last stage in their study for MSc and PhD. It was held in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), West minister, London. Lord Bates, Minister of State at the Department for International Development (DFID), gave an inspiring talk to those present. He encouraged departing Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows to keep their passion for their area of study and work, share the knowledge they have learnt with others when they go back to their home country, and take action to be the change they want to see in the world to make it a better place for everyone. I got such inspiration from his speech- ‘ Be a Commonwealth Scholar who makes a difference in the world. We believe in you – now you have to believe in yourselves.’