Keep in Touch

The University’s Alumni network is invaluable for Buckingham’s graduates. Providing business and social contacts around the world, its support and assistance throughout the University with marketing, careers advice and fundraising grows more significant each year. Our alumni organisation has branches and key representatives worldwide. Annual reunions are held in Buckingham and London with gatherings taking place in many other parts of the world, usually timed to coincide with a visit by a member of staff from Buckingham.

AlumNet provides former University of Buckingham students with a unique global network of business and social contacts, all with the ‘Buckingham experience’ in common. With our very own customised service we’re helping to keep alumni in touch with each other as well as with us. It is very important that all alumni are aware of it and able to make the most of it.

The Alumni Annual Fund, which began in 2006, has raised in excess of £15,000 to date and some of this money has gone towards enriching the student experience. Since its inception, the Annual Fund has contributed towards University life in many ways. A few examples are, the construction of the Memorial Garden, the donation of a minibus for students, a donation to the Wellness Centre and equipment for both the Music Society and the Multimedia Suite.

What are the benefits of joining AlumNet?

Members of AlumNet enjoy the following:

  • targeted careers advice from the Careers Service
  • the opportunity to search for new business contacts
  • renew and revive friendships through member search

keeping the account up-to-date is a secure way of letting us know of career advancement / change, family events and changes of address so we can keep you advised of forthcoming University and alumni events that you will wish to attend.

How can I join AlumNet?

Simply fill in the AlumNet application form and we’ll contact you with your password and username.

If I join AlumNet will other members be able to find out all my details?

No. Not all fields on the joining form are compulsory so you can withhold certain pieces of information about yourself (such as details of your career or business). In addition to this you can select a
privacy level that suits you. If you do not want other alumni to be able to contact you except through the Alumni Office you can choose the highest privacy level. Find out more about our dedication to a secure and private site in our privacy policy.

University of Buckingham Alumni Association (UBAA)

All our alumni are also welcome to join the University of Buckingham Alumni Association (UBAA) and to get involved with the alumni who are already working closely with the University to forge life-long ties and relationships.