Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership

This is a deeply practical course: our aim is not merely to study educational leadership but actually to improve its quality within schools. Consequently, all that we do is rooted in the realities of life in schools, and our teaching methods and the assignments that we set reflect this. Much of our teaching is via case studies and there are no set titles for essays. The course culminates in a practical leadership of change project undertaken by each candidate in his or her own school.


The focus of the two essays – on the nature of leadership (4,000-5,000 words) and on the leadership of teaching and/or teachers (5,000-6,000 words) – and of the leadership-in-action project is individually negotiated by each candidate with a tutor. The final dissertation (12,000-15,000 words) is an account and analysis of this leadership of change project. 10% of the final mark is given for oral contribution at the three residentials.

Other course features

  • It combines distance-learning with personal contact. The course begins with individual Skype/FaceTime interviews. E-mail support continues throughout the course. The three compulsory (and reliably enjoyable) three-day residentials are each supported by their own textbook.
  • The course textbooks and (lavish!) hotel accommodation are provided free of charge.
  • The three taught units takes only a year; the entire course takes only 18 months.
  • The course’s practical value, in career terms, is proven: over 92% of its graduates have been promoted within 3 years of doing the course. It is the only such course formally endorsed and recommended by HMC, GSA and IAPS.
  • Though deeply serious in intent, the course is cheerfully irreverent and idiosyncratic in style.

Recent comments

It is difficult to imagine any Master’s-level course attracting greater approval from its clients:

  • “It does exactly what it says on the tin. Real practical case studies, not just theory.”
  • “I’ve never attended a course and learnt so much. I’m excited; I even feel changed.”
  • “Excellent and engaging course material. A wonderful opportunity to learn and to reflect. I have learnt more about myself, as well as a raft of theory, which has been hugely useful.”
  • “Inspirational. My only regret is not taking the course before I became a head.”
  • “Relentlessly thought-provoking, challenging, very enjoyable.”
  • “Excellent! Better than I thought it possibly could be!”
  • “Thought provoking style is very enjoyable but also very relevant – strongly feel it will make me a better leader!”
  • “An amazing 3 days! I’ve learnt so much and this has increased my confidence in my own ability.”
  • “Hugely engaging. Really enjoyed the case studies and the opportunity to explore theory in a ‘real’ setting.”
  • “Magnificent!” “Fantastic – and brilliantly led!” “Amazing!” “A really invaluable experience.” “Spot-on!” “Thoroughly enjoyable.” “Great!” “Awesome!”

For more information and details of how to apply, visit the course information page.

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