Winter Term 2017

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Anthony J. Evans
Associate Professor of Economics, ESCP Europe Business School
Choose your own financial crisis Wednesday 25 January, 16:15. AdRB1
Anthony Savagar
Lecturer in Macroeconomics
Firm dynamics, resource reallocation, variable markups, and productivity behaviour Wednesday 1 February, 16:15. AdRB1
Frank Decker
Honorary Associate, Sydney Law School, University of Sydney
Property ownership and money: A new synthesis Wednesday 22 February, 16:15. AdRB1
Jose Stelle
College Teacher at Burnett International University
Toward the pure theory of politics: The collapse of the liberal model, and Hayek’s institutional “reinvention” Wednesday 15 March, 16:15. AdRB1

Recent seminars

Alessandro Roselli Monetary policy and banking regulation in a deflationary environment 23 November 2016
Stephen Copp
Associate Professor, Bournemouth University
Liberty, rights and the rule of law: Protecting freedom of religion in business from state coercion 9 November 2016
Adriano Aymonino
Co-ordinator and Lecturer for Undergraduate History of Art and Heritage Management, University of Buckingham
Taste and the Antique: The lure of classical sculpture 1500-1900 26 October 2016
Peter Kellner
Journalist, political commentator and former President of YouGov
UK politics: Why all bets are off 19 October 2016
Philip Booth
Editorial and Programme Director, Institute of Economic Affairs; Professor of Insurance and Risk Management, Cass Business School
Pope Francis, property rights and the economics of environmental conservation 11 October 2016
David Oderberg
Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading
Should there be freedom of dissociation? 5 October 2016
Christian Bjørnskov
Professor of Economics, Aarhus University Denmark
And yet it grows: Crisis, ideology, and interventionist policy ratchets 28 September 2016
Ali Kabiri
Lecturer in Economics, University of Buckingham
Bank distress and the great trade collapse; evidence from the UK 7 September 2016
Professor Len Shackleton (University of Buckingham) and Diego Zuluaga Laguna (IEA + Epicenter) Do we need an industrial strategy? 31 August 2016
Issam Malki
Lecturer in Economics, Westminster Business School
Income convergence in developing economies: The ASEAN case 24 August 2016
Mitsuhiko Iyoda
Professor of Economics, Momoyama Gakuin (St. Andrew’s) University
Towards a good economic society: Beyond GDP vs. GPI 17 August 2016
Tara Smith
Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin
Classical rights vs welfare rights 27 July 2016
Kent Matthews
Sir Julian Hodge Professor of Banking and Finance, Cardiff Business School
Run for home: The geographical dimension in bank lending to SMEs 20 July 2016
Julian Richards
Security Intelligence and Diplomacy Lecturer at the University of Buckingham
Pakistan’s Intelligence view of India 1 June 2016
Dalibor Roháč
Research Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute
Towards an imperfect union – A conservative case for the EU 18 May 2016
Philip Booth
Editoral and Programme Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs and Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics at St Mary’s University, Twickenham
Is George Osborne solving the Government debt problems? 11 May 2016
David Parker
Emeritus Professor, University of Cranfield
The UK privatisation programme since the 1970s drawing upon internal Government documents 20 April 2016
Andrew Selkirk
Editor-in-chief of Current Archaeology, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and former Vice-President of the Royal Archaeological Institute
Greece and Rome – The rise and fall of the world’s first market economies: a right-wing view 13 April 2016
Ali Tajvidi
Visiting Lecturer in Politics, the University of Buckingham
Obama and the Iran nuclear deal 6 April 2016

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