DJO in the South East

  • The Dickens World visitor attraction in Chatham, which opened in May 2007, projects 350,000 visitors per annum.
  • The “Dickens Discovery” Rooms, Guildhall Museum (Rochester High Street), attracted 64,000 visitors in 2006.
  • In 2003-4 the “Charles Dickens Centre”, Rochester, attracted 30,000 visitors before its closure; in its new incarnation as the “Eastgate House Cultural Centre” it is projected to attract 40-50,000 visitors per annum, from 2010.
  • The Charles Dickens Museum, London, attracts 22,000+ visitors a year.
  • The Dickens House Museum, Broadstairs, has 8,000 visitors a year.
  • The Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum (Portsmouth) has 6,000 visitors a year.
  • The Charles Dickens Special Collection (Portsmouth) supports over 20 individual and at least one specialist research group visits per annum.


To provide information about all aspects of Dickens’s life and work to visitors, in an interactive and entertaining fashion, integrating ICT into existing forms of presentation.


All bar one of these attractions have expressed a keen interest in both piloting the prototype and showcasing the full DJO site as part of their provision to the public. The online version of the journals will reduce the wear and tear on original copies in regional archives.


For all enquiries about how to establish links between DJO and related cultural sites in the South East of England, please contact

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