Postgraduates and Advanced Research

  • Some 40-100 Dickens-related research projects are registered each year in the UK and USA; 120+ essays and articles and books on Dickens are published each year, not including the contents of three dedicated quarterly journals publishing scholarly articles focusing on Dickens [1]; every UK HEI has teachers and lecturers specialising in Dickens as do most university English departments worldwide (especially in the USA, Japan and Australia); over 110 Dickens-based websites are being maintained [2]: there is a worldwide community of 1000+ Dickens researchers.
  • Information about the journals is scarce: articles in Dickens’s journals were anonymously published, and the authorship of about 40% of the articles is still unknown; indexes are incomplete and hard to come by.


“The need for a site of this kind amongst a broad range of Humanities researchers and advanced students can hardly be overstated” (Professor Emeritus Michael Slater, Birkbeck College, University of London).


DJO will cross-reference to contributors’ names and biographical profiles for over 60% of the authors; DJO will verify and publish new attributions provided by readers, as an ongoing contribution to knowledge; the contents of the site will be indexed under keywords, making the online edition superior in many ways to the print originals.


For all enquiries about DJO as a research tool, please contact

[1] Figures extrapolated from “The Dickens Quarterly Checklist” in Dickens Quarterly for the period 2000-2002

[2] Figures from Professor Mitsuhara Matsuoka’s “Dickens Research Sites” listing, The Dickens Page @ [date accessed: 25 July 2007]