General Reader

  • “We have a … ravenous appetite for Victorian fiction and consume more of it today than the Victorians ever did. Dickens, in the current reprint series, sells 1.5 million copies a year” (Professor John Sutherland, University College, London)
  • There are 49 branches of the international Dickens Fellowship: in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand and 23 in the USA. There are 7 in the South East of England alone, plus the 600-strong Central branch of the Fellowship, based in London. The total number of members, who attend regular meetings and subscribe to The Dickensian, is nearly 10,000 strong.


The Hon. General Secretary to the international Dickens Fellowship predicts an “enormous demand” for DJO, a project he has described as “hugely valid” to the Fellowship and its members (Dr Tony Williams).


DJO will provide different levels of approach to the journals for different levels of general reader (Schools, Undergraduates and Postgraduates); to the ‘special interest’ user, its Advanced Search facility will permit sophisticated and 99.9% accurate searches on keywords (e.g. “Crimean War”, “fashion”, “railways”, “North Pole”, “evolution”, “Italy”).


For all enquiries about how to establish links between DJO and groups or communities of readers, please contact