Will Pyke
Vanguard Consulting

BLEU Associate

Will PykeVanguard help clients improve Service, Efficiency, Revenue and Morale through a combination of Systems Thinking (how to look at organisations) and Intervention Method (how to make successful change). Founded in 1985 to study why organisational change programmes failed, Vanguard help their clients learn a series of counter-intuitive truths about the design and management of work – to make the work work better.

Will is Vanguard’s sector lead for Policing and has worked in various Local Government, Police, Insurance and Banking clients helping leaders at all levels improve performance. Previously Will held management positions in the Private Sector and volunteered for an educational charity.

Will is currently engaged in public sector reform work involving multiple agencies: Police, Fire and Rescue, Social Care, Council, Housing, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Restorative Justice and Voluntary Sectors.

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