Professor Rosemary Sage

Ed.D Programme Lead

Professor Rosemary Sage has a Licentiate degree in Medical & Communication Sciences; a Diploma of the International Phonetics Association; BA in Psychology & Education, M.Phil. in Educational Psychology & PhD in Cognitive Psychology; PG Certificates in Neurology & Special Educational Needs. Qualified to the highest level in psycholinguistic assessment – commissioned by the MRC to investigate children with normal intelligence failing in schools.

Work experience includes NHS Director of Speech & Language Services; teaching in primary & secondary education; LEA Senior Language Advisor; University Head of Dept. Professor & Dean in England, Japan & Cuba.

Research in the area of language & learning, education & employment & intercultural communication. Mainstream subjects – English, Mathematics, Further Education – ESL; Higher Education – Psychology, Medical Sciences, Education (+special needs), Psycholinguistics, Neuropsychology & Conversational Management.

If you have any questions for the department, you can contact Rosemary at:

University of Buckingham
Hunter Street
MK18 1EG
United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0)1280 820219 / 820222
Fax: +44 (0)1280 822245


Full CV:

Professor Rosemary Sage is a speech & language pathologist, psychologist & teacher (English & Maths) & Professor of Education as well as former Dean at the College of Teachers. She has been Director of Speech & Language Services in Leicester/Leicestershire; a Teacher in Primary & Secondary schools; Senior Language Advisor to an LEA; an Academic in 4 universities – Head of Department & Professor of Communication at Liverpool Hope & a visiting Professor in Cuba & Japan. Rosemary is on the Queen’s panel for Education & Industry Awards & has sat on the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for the Judiciary as a senior magistrate and presently serves on the Judiciary Executive. She was a founder member of the Children’s Legal Panel & has been an expert witness in Educational appeals and Charity Trustee. Also, she has sat on Parliamentary committees for Medicine & Education, the Teaching of Science & Inclusion of Students with Special Needs. Recently, she led the first group of Education students at the College of Teachers (TCOT) completing Doctorates by Professional Record (Doctoral Fellow of the College of Teachers – DFCOT), who received awards from Prince Philip in June 2016. She has published 21 books & over 150 refereed papers in journals.

Presently, Rosemary is the Programme Lead for the Practitioner Doctorate, University of Buckingham, UK and member of the Magistrates in the Community (MIC), a schools project to make students aware of the consequences of their actions. Her research interests have been in the area of communication, language, education and employment in both national and international projects.



1998: Certificate in Mentoring for the Judiciary (Nottingham University)

1997: PG Certificate in Medical Hypnosis & Psycho-Linguistic Therapies: International Academy of Hypnosis (Harvard University), Boston, Mass., USA

1996: National Vocational Qualifications – Training Awards, Univ. of Westminster

1992: PhD, School of Education, University of Leicester (Cognitive Psychology – Class A)

1990: M.Phil. The Open University (Educational Psychology)

1990: Judiciary Chairman’s Certificate of Practice

1986: Cert. in Teaching of ESL/TESOL: Oxford School of English, Oxford University

1983: Stage 1 & 2 Judicial Studies (University of Nottingham)

1982: PG Certificate in Education, (Educational Psychology), University of Leicester

1977: PG Cert. in Psycholinguistics, the Centre for Child Study, Univ. of Birmingham

1975: PG Certificate in Linguistic Assessment (LARSP), University of Reading

1976: PG Certificate in Non-verbal Com. Systems (Bliss Symbolics, Makaton, BSL)

1976: BA in Psychology & Education, Open University

1975: PG Certificate in Reading Development, Open University

1970: PG Cert in Neurology & Rehabilitation, Cheyne Hosp. P G School & London Instit. of Neurology

1968: NHS Cert in Senior Management, Trent Regional Health Authority, Univ. of Nottingham

1966: Cert. in Special Education, University of Birmingham Centre for Child Study

1965:  Licentiate Part 2 of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists,(RCSLT) Leicester School of Speech Therapy (LSST) (distinction). Including 1st & 2nd MB (Medicine) – Level 7 Q

1964: Licentiate, Part 1 of the RCSLT, LSST (commendation)- Level 6 Q

1964: Dip: the International Phonetics Association: (First Class) LSST & Univ. Coll, London

Guildhall Medals for Speech & Drama; Diploma in Public Speaking

Qualified Speech & Language Therapist, Teacher (No: 924/9108) & Psychologist

(International Psychology Corporation’s highest level of Psychological Testing)



  • The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists
  • Human Communication International
  • The International Association of Counselors and Therapists
  • The Magistrates Association
  • The Dyslexia Association
  • The Association for Language Awareness
  • The  Stammering Association
  • The College of Teachers
  • The Chartered College of Teaching



  • School Governor, Northamptonshire (1978-84)
    Governor with responsibility for curriculum issues at West Haddon School.
  • Department of Education and Department of Health Committee into Joint Training (1987- 92)
    Member of professional group for joint training between health, education & social care. 
  • Governor to the Court Of Central St. Martins, London (1987-97)
    Member of the governing body of this premier Arts training institution in the UK.
  • Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Group (1992-2002)
    Member of the judicial appointments board.
  • British Stammering Association Research Council (2001-2007)
    Member of the British Stammering Association Research Council. This is a group of leading UK professors interested in brain science & dysfluency whose work is showcased nationally & internationally through conferences.
  • Human Communication International: President (1997-2011)
    An educational charity promoting interest in communication in the workplace & in schools, chaired by Professor Martin Cortazzi from the University of Warwick.



  • Child Language (1992-2005)
    Member of Sir Michael Rutter’s research group in child language. Sir Michael Rutter is a leading UK child psychologist & chaired a group of twelve invited principle researchers in child language who promote research through international seminars.
  • Trustee (1990-2007), The Association for Speech Impaired Children and Young People
    This charity works closely with government departments. I have served on government committees for Health & Education training in special educational needs (SEN) from 1987-92 & from 1992-1994 with regard to the Code of Practice now operating in schools.
  • Education Adviser: (1990 to 2007), The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists
    Advised members on education & medicine issues particularly regarding students with communication difficulties in schools, colleges & universities.
  • Director and Trustee: (1984-2008), The Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA)
    A panel set up after the 1981 Education Act by the Children’s Legal Centre. I was one of 12 professionals invited to join the National Panel of Educational & Medical Experts to advise.
  • Senior Magistrate (Chair) Northampton Bench (1982 onwards)
    Worked in Criminal, Family, Youth, Licensing & Appeal Courts. Trained as a Mentor  & Coach to new magistrates. Presently on the Judicial Executive.
  •  Queen’s Awards for Industry and Education (2007 to date)
    Panel member – evaluating proposals for Queen’s Awards.
  • Trustee for Eiman (2013-16)
    Education charity for helping integration & inclusion of people through workshops & conferences.
  • The Applied Psychology Forum, University of Cambridge (1978-88)
    Completed research methods training at Pembroke College with the Antartic Survey Team & worked with researchers in paedriatric assessment.
  • Action Research  (1971-1985)
    Chair of action group for medical research.
  • Oxford University Neuroscience Forum (2001 onwards)
    Representative from the Centre for Innovative Research in Education,Leic. Univ.
  • The Parliamentary Japan Society (2003-9)
    Members of Parliament & organizations working in Japan informing government of  initiatives. Director of the DIAL project (UK & Japan).
  • Gift of Speech Campaign  (1968-1971)
    Chair of the Midlands Gift of Speech Campaign, University of Leicester. 
  • The Royal College of Speech and Lanaguage Therapists (1970-82)
    Member of the CPD strategy group for clinical practice & post-graduate research.
  • Member of Research Committees for Child Language.
  • The Parliamentary Group for Science Teaching in the Medical Professions (1992-6)
    Advisor on the needs of medical trainees.
  • Member of the Japan Society (2002-9)
    Reporting on the UK & Japan research into the needs of the 21st century citizen.
  • Member of the Review Panel: Journal of Communication, Universities of Poland, Instytut Psychologii UMCS.
  • Member of the Judicial Executive (2018 to date) Advises on judicial issues.



Health, Education and Social Services

Consultant on Education Assessment & Management for students with Special Needs; Training in Education, Health Services Reviews & Industry management.


From 1998:

2012-15: Dean; Professor of Educational Practice;  Lead of the Doctoral Programme at The College of Teachers, at The Institute of Education, University of London (UCL);

2009-11: Consultant Education Advisor, KSS Post Graduate Medical Deanery, University of London advising, on medical consultant post-graduate training;

2007: (PT 2009-13) Director of International Projects, Liverpool/Liverpool Hope University;

Professor: Chair of Communication; Head of the Dept. of Inclusion;

Director of the Communication, Enterprise & Learning Lab. with the Community;

Director of the Centre for Preventative Medicine (Liverpool University & Hospitals) working on research projects on Health & Well-being in schools;

1997-2007: Senior Lecturer in Education, Univ. of Leicester: Director of Studies, The Centre for Raising Educational Achievement; Head of Dept of Psychology of Learning & Inclusion;

UK Director of the Latin-American Universalisation Project: Communication across the Curriculum;

Director of Training Prog. for Heads of Pedagogical Faculties in Latin-America, U. of Havana;

UK Director of the Dialogue, Innovation, Achievement & Learning (DIAL) projects with Japan;

Visiting Professor, National University Corporation Nara, Japan & Univ. of Havana, Cuba;

Panel Judge, The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes;  Education & Industry;

External examiner: University College, London, City University, London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool/Liverpool Hope Universities.

1997-8: Research Project Leader: Warneford Hospital, Oxford, & Institute of Psychiatry, University of Oxford: Eval. of Courses for Students with Communication Difficulties.

Senior Language Advisor, Warwickshire Education Authority.

1987-97: Senior Lecturer in Education, Communication and Medical Sciences: Strand Leader: Medicine and Education.  Head of Special Educational Needs; Faculty of Communication Sciences & Education, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama with Queen Mary Westfield College, London: Subjects – Psycho & Clinical linguistics, Language & Learning, Communication & Cognition;

Chair of Ethics & Research Committees;

Chair of Queen Mary Westfield/RCSSD Languages & Drama Courses;

Member of the London Universities CPD group;

External Examiner: University College, City University, Birmingham & Sheffield Universities.

1987-8: Director of ESL/TESOL Courses: Warwick University

1986-7: Development Officer:  DHSS/DES Survey:Health, Education & Social Services.

1983-6: Teacher: English, Mathematics & Special Needs, Leicester LEA.

1971-82: Lecturer: Clinical Studies, Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, Child Development, English, ESL, Communication in Education at Leicester Polytechnic, East Warwickshire College & Loughborough College (part-time).

1971-82:  Research Lead: Children Failing in Schools: Medical Research Council (PT) with Bristol, Leicester & Newcastle Univ. & Univ. of Cambridge, Applied Psychology Centre.


1972-1982: Senior Clinical Tutor: De Montfort University, Leicester

Member of the Paediatric Assessment Team, Rugby and Coventry Hospitals

1967-71: Director of Speech & Language Services, Leicester & Leicestershire; Chairperson of the Midland Gift of Speech Campaign

1965-6: Speech and Language Therapy posts: Schools, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres, Child guidance Clincs & Child Development Centres: Birmingham & Warwickshire AHA

Post Graduate & Doctoral Studies (1987 onwards)

Roles: Director of Research, Chair of Ethics Committee; Member of 4 Doctoral studies boards; Coordinator of  Training for Tutors of Doctoral studies & Post Graduate Programmes; Chair of Examination Panel; Tutor/Supervisor to Masters & Doctoral students &  Examiner for PhDs & D.Ed. Taught Doctoral students in Universities in  Belgium, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dubai, Finland, France, Ghana, Japan, Latvia, Portugal & Singapore.



  • Assessment & Management of Educational Needs
  • Academic Teaching, Course Design, Implementation, Evaluation, Internal & External Examining
  • Professional training in Communication & Medical Sciences/Education Disciplines;
  • Psychology (Developmental, Cognitive & Educational); Neurology; Neuro-Linguistics;Neuro-Psychology; Phonetics; Clinical Phonetics; Pathological Linguistics; Language & Learning; Special Needs; Special Educational Needs – Pupil & Professional Management
  • Research in Communication; Language & learning in Education & the Workplace;
  • Policy/Planning in Health, Education Business & Industry; Management & Training



  • 1964:  Bullard Prize for Voice Studies. National Award for Speech & Language Therapy Students in Voice Studies.
  • 1965:  Speech and Language Therapy President Award awarded by Professor Gimson of UCL for being an outstanding Head Student/President of the Union.
  • 1983:  Kenneth Allsop Memorial First Prize Winner for conservation project (judged the best project in the history of the prize) chaired by Sir David Attenborough, spon. Daily Tel.
  • 1999:  Runner up – Segal Award for an SEN research paper – national prize for work in Special Needs.
  • 2000:  Millennium Commission Award for the Communication Opportunity Group Strategy (COGS) – work arising from PhD.
  • 2001Millennium Fellowship for the Communication Opportunity Group work in British & International schools.
  • 2006: Human Communication Network International Medal for research in Japan.
  • 2007: Fellowship of the College of Teachers – work in education.
  • The BBC made a programme about the Communication Opportunity Group Strategy (COGS) in November 2001. The book Class talk, resulting from the project, was judged by an Oxford panel of experts as the best in the Professor Tim Brighouse series on Effective Learning & Teaching & consequently gained a 2-page feature in the Times Educational Supplement in October 2001. The COGS was reviewed in the report: ‘What Works in Educating Pupils with Emotional & Behaviour Difficulties’ (Cooper, 2001) & was one of 7 international schemes (p. 145) recommended for its research base & effective practice (COGS review p 84-91).
  • A World of Difference was a lead book at the UK 2004 Education Show. Invited as key speaker at the International Conference on Diversity at the University of Havana as a guest of the Cuban government. The international book rights were sold at the Frankfort Book Fair. It has been reviewed as the best book on Diversity & has now gone into edition three. The Dialogue, Innovation, Achievement & Learning projects with Japan have focused on comparisons between communication, language & learning between English & Japanese students & have been broadcast on the World Service & BBC radio with wide coverage in the national press. They were considered a major reason for the University of Leicester awarded as University of the Year in 2009.
  • The book: ‘Silent Children’ was translated into Japanese, French & German & the accompanying video won the best Educational Film Award in New York (2004). Work on Communication in Education featured in the media in Cuba, Czech Republic, Japan & Bulgaria with TV & Radio interviews (a regular contributor to BBC Radio Leicester 1997-2007). Work as academic lead on an EU Teacher Professionalism project (PEEP) was broadcast on the World Service following Euroepean key note speeches.



HE teaching post as Senior Lecturer in Communication Sciences & Education at Queen Mary Westfield, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (1987-97).

Roles: Chair of the Languages Review Panel at Queen Mary Westfield College; Admissions Tutor; Examinations Officer; Director of Ethics & Research; Chair of the Research Ethics Committee; Chair of Clinical Sciences & QAA Review panel; Senior MA Tutor; seconded to develop a CPD programme with University of London Colleges supporting training in Business, Industry & Education.


  • Set up a School-based Day Project with Education colleagues in which Teacher & Speech & Language Therapy students carried out teaching practices together – reviewed by OFSTED as some of the best UK practice initiatives.
  • Seconded to the London Universities CPD initiatives to develop courses for professionals.
  • Developed a group of story-tellers within local schools.
  • Piloted the Communication Opportunity Group Strategy in London schools with Education & Medical students.
  • Set up a series of Post-graduate courses in Human Communication Sciences, which were unique & resulted in visits from academics over the world.
  • Developed a Conversational Leadership Programme with the business community which was taught at centres throughout the UK (g. Royal Mail, Pearl Insurance Co., Marks & Spencer etc.)
  • Developed on-line course for Levels 2-8 for the College of Teachers UK
  • Research and developed a Practitioner Doctorate programme as Lead Academic on a Eureopean Commission Project (PEEP) to develop CPD in Education.

HE teaching:

Course Leader for the Practitoner Doctorate Programme, University of Buckingham; Dean of the College of Teachers & Academic Lead of European Projects;  Leader of the Doctoral programme;  Consultant Education Advisor, KSS Deanery, University of London; Director of International projects; Head of the Department of Inclusion, Liverpool & Liverpool Hope University; Director of the Communication, Enterprise & Learning Laboratory & Centre for Preventative Medicine, University of Liverpool;  Developed courses aimed at raising achievement into a blended learning format. Headed MA/PhD modules in UK & abroad; teaching on Psychology & Child Development courses at universities in Japan, Cuba, Czech Republic & Poland. Contributed to the Post Graduate Certificate in Education course & supported  students with personal skill development through a COGS programme for adults. Sat on Senate, PhD, MA, Certificate & Foundation degree Programme Boards in the School of Education & the University; the Psycho-dynamic Counselling Board at Vaughan College, Leicester; across-faculty University Teaching & Learning Network, University e-learning committee & the publications group (Chair). Lead role in developing the Doctoral programme, supervising students & tutors from 1987-2011, teaching modules over the world. Also, sat on the Widening Participation Group & evaluated the Go & COGS projects in schools. Disability Tutor & member of the English Language Research Group. Many consultancies to Schools, Local Authorities etc. from 1987-2018. Key speaker at many conferences – UK & abroad.

External Examiner: MA Special Needs, Language & Learning, University of Wales, until 2005. External examiner for Liverpool Hope University: Communication & Inclusion. Previously, examiner at Bristol University, University College, City University, London, De Montfort University, Leicester & Cardiff University & clinical students at Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester & Sheffield.

Director of  International Conferences, University of Leicester: Communication & Technology, September, 2001; Communication, Emotion & Behaviour, September, 2002; Communication & Learning, September 2003; Communication & Space, September 2004; Communication & Language, September 2005; Communication & Opportunity in the Workplace, May 2006; Communication across Cultures, April 2007.



  • Built a Stafford CPD programme for 500+ students with the Senior Inspector on a training plan for teachers. The first cohort of 13  completed a Masters programme in Educational Studies on Communication, Language & Learning then implemented in Peterborough.
  • Developed open & blended learning courses to help students to work more independently & reduce teacher contact time.
  • Started a special interest group in communication which meets in local schools in Leicester, Warwick, Newcastle &
  • Developed an across-discipline programme with the Medical school for medical & educational students to visit their different areas of professional practice.
  • Worked with the University of Antioch, USA, to teach & accredit courses in critical skills in the UK, The Nurture Group, The Secondary Heads Association, The Dyslexia Assoc. etc.
  • Worked with the University of the First Age on courses to develop language learning & The Leicester course judged as best in the UK (Times Educ. Supplement Report, 2001).
  • Accredited courses in Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Special Needs & Special Educational Needs & the Nurture philosophy across the UK & abroad (over 200 courses).
  • Developed the Doctoral programme link with universities in Ghana, Cameroon &
  • Developed a programme of research for schools in Dubai.
  • Developed a school preventative heath project with the Centre for Preventative Medicine.
  • Developed an Enterprise unit working with business & industry to service training needs.
  • Developed degree in Teaching & Learning for Teaching Assistants (1 of 4 commisioned universities).
  • Developed 140 on-line blended learning courses for the College of Teachers (70,000 students on all 5 continents 2009-16).



1980- 6:  Medical Research Council Grant to study children (4-8 years) failing in school due to communication & language issues (£250,000). Developed an information processing assessment.

1986: DES/DHSS Grant to study under fives provision in the UK, NCB (£250,000).

1987:  Grant from the Rugby Child Development Centre to look at parent views of professional management of children with delayed development (£5,000).

1990:  National Vocational Qualifications Research Council Grant to study the teaching of key skills in BSc & BA degree programmes (£12,000).

1992:  CENTEC Grant to look at the communication needs of adults in the work place. Project Co-coordinator (£500,000).

1994:  CSSD grant to develop pilot work for the Communication Opportunity Group Scheme (COGS) (£10,000).

1997: Commissioned by the Oxford Stammer Trust to) evaluate 32 years of work at the Warneford Hospital for treatment of types of dysfluency (£10,000).

2000:  Grant from Millennium Commission, Afasic, Human Communication International to evaluate types of implementation of the COGS in primary & secondary schools (£130,000).

2000: Grant from the University of Leicester Learning & Teaching Initiative to develop a video & manual for COGS teaching (£20,600).

2000: Research into disaffected boys at Moat Community College. Developing teacher assessments with the Special Needs Teaching Service (£4,000).

2002: EAZ Pilot project to look at inclusion in Leicester schools (£10,500).

2002: Grant from the University of Leicester Learning & Teaching Initiative to develop a video & manual on learning assessment (£3,114.20).

2002: DfES SEN Project: Silent Children (£300,000 + £5,000 for dissemination).

2002: ESCALATE National Project to evaluate learning & teaching (Pilot: £1,000 + 20,000). 1 of 6 universities looking at how teachers tackle professional development.

2003: EAZ project: Thinking & Communication in Transition Students (£2,000 + £9,000 – DfES).

2003: EPPI review of teaching assistants –  member of team (£1.5 million).

2003-10: Director: the Dialogue, Innovation, Achievement & Learning (DIAL) project.

A partnership between the Univ. of Leicester & the National University. Corporation Nara, Japan to raise educational achievement. (1st phase completed: April-August, 2004, supported by the Sasakawa Foundation, Daiwa, Japan 21 & Japanese Embassy (£4,500 + £500,000 from Japan; 2nd phase: £7000 + £500,000 from Japan )+ £250,000 input for staff/student exchanges.

2003-7: Dir. of Latin American SEN Project – Brit. Council & Min. of Education, Cuba (£550,000).

2004: Director: The Widening Participation Project: Developing the abilities & aspirations of students in a school in special measures (£11.000).

2004: Development of further materials for the Communication Opportunity Group Strategy, funded by the Learning & Teaching Initiative (£3,400).

2005: EPPI Project into stakeholders’ perceptions of Teach. Assistants (£1.5 million).

2008: Sasakawa Foundation – Health & Well-being studies in Japan (£3,200).

2008: Inter-university Teaching & Learning grant for Failing Learners (£3,000).

Grants from the European Commission (£500,000) to develop student learning.

2007/8: £5,000 grant to write up longitudinal research into the use of the Communication Opportunity Group Scheme, Liverpool Hope University.

2007/8: Consultant to Wigston College: Project to develop the communication of young offenders (£1,000 + £10,000).

2009: IDIAL Comenius project with 7 European countries to develop transferable abilities in school children. Head of UK team (£300,000).

2009: Write Now project, Liverpool/Liverpool Hope University. Development of student spoken/written communication (£3000 + 20,000).

2011: ILLIAD Intercultural Language Learning for Illiterate Adults – Education & Culture DG Life Long Learning Project. University of Liverpool/Hope University. (£300,000).

2012: INTERMAR Inter-comprehension courses in European Marine & Military Academies (£300,000), The College of Teachers, UK.

2012: PEEP Policy for Educator Evidence in Portfolios –  the professionalism of teaching through continual recording of formal, non-formal & informal evidence  using universal principles (£300,000), The College of Teachers, UK.

2014: Advisor to the Spark project: Using Digital Technologies to enhance learning in a psycho-linguistic model (COGS).

2012-2016: Advisor & panel judge for the MP6 project – a parliamentary & schools initiative to develop understanding of society & the ability to express personal views. Hamilton Coll. Leic.Elected Chair of Politically Speaking (a Midland Region speaking competition 2018 onwards).



  • 1987- 2005: Served on DHSS & DES committees on Professional Training, & the Health & Well-being of the Child to develop a national & international network involving meetings at the House of Commons & House of Lords.
  • 1992- 2002: Member of Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Group on judicial appointments.
  • 2013: Member of the Magistrates’ Training Committee for Bench Chairs.
  • 2001 to date: Member of the Oxford Neuroscience Forum to promote research between neuroscientists & educationalists with regard to learning & teaching.





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INTERNAL post 2000

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2013: The Educational Myth;  Key Papers given at the Institute of Education (TCOT), Kings College, EU Conferences in Finland, Latvia, Porto, Antwerp, Lisbon, Berlin. Published in Conference Proceedings

       The Education-Work Divide 

         The Futures for Teachers

         Language, Employment and Education

         Bridging the Education & Work

         Communication & Achievement

         Helping Teachers to be Confident

         Issues about Change

         Holistic Education

         Oral Competence

         The Effective Professional

Teaching is Talk

Communication in a Multicultural World

         Motivation in Education

         Communication & Learning

Teaching is Talk

Education & Professionalism

Education & Employment

Education & Instruction

Education & the Brain

What makes a Leader? Conversational Leadership

Above articles published by the International Forum for Teachers, University of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

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2015: DFCOT Seminars: Papers: Leading Learning, Busting an Educational Myth; Motivation in Education;The DFCOT Structure; Building a Literature Review


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IN ADDITION: Numerous book reviews & articles in the popular press. Many key speeches & contributions to conferences nationally & internationally. Research mainly in the area of communication, language and employment.


*denotes research entered and accepted for the Research Assessment Exercise and marked by external research coordinators as first class articles/reports.

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