Professor James Rafferty

IMI-D.K.Chowdhury Professor of Management

Professor James RaffertyBA (Stirling), MBA (Strathclyde), DPhil (Buckingham), PGCE (Glasgow)

James Rafferty is IMI-D.K.Chowdhury Professor of Management. He joined the University in June 1987 following many years in industry where he held senior management positions. His industrial management experience includes Financial Planning and Strategy with General Motors Corporation and the Granada Group and he has been the Managing Director of firms in the furniture, precision engineering and electronics industries. His consultancy interests are in the area of strategic management and industrial strategy, and he has been a consultant to a number of organisations including the UNDP and UNIDO.

James was Head of the Department of Management from 1988 to 1994 and again from 2000 to 2004. From 1997 to 2000 he was the Founding Director of the MBA programme in the Business School. He lectures on the strategy courses on both the undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (MSc, MBA) programmes in the Business School.

James has published in international journals and has lectured to students at Cranfield University (UK), Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore), the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), the Chinese Technology and Textile University (Shanghai), the Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) and the University of St John’s (Newfoundland). His areas of expertise are:

  • strategy and industrial policy in Japan
  • knowledge management and strategy
  • self-managed teams

To switch off from academic pursuits, James likes to explore the hills of Scotland.

Tel: +44 (0)1280 820143 / 820144



Rafferty, J. Exploring Strategic Groups (Milton Keynes: Europrime Publishing, 2008). 228 pp. ISBN: 978-0-9558278-0-8.

Articles in academic journals

Rafferty, J. & M. Lucas.”Cost analysis for pricing: exploring the gap between theory and practice”, British Accounting Review 40.2 (2008), 148-160. 

Rafferty, J.“The synthesis of economic organisation and the management of change: intercultural transferability and the Japanese paradigm”, Journal of Management History 7.2 (2001), 415-421.

Rafferty, J. & J. Tapsell. “Self-managed work teams and manufacturing strategies: Cultural influences in the search for team effectiveness and competitive advantage”, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing 11.1 (2001), 19-34.

Rafferty, J. “Exit barriers and strategic position in declining markets”, International Journal of Long Range Planning 20.2 (1987), 86-91.

Rafferty, J. “Investment strategies and local enterprise boards: Putting money to work”, London Financial Strategy Review (March 1986).

Rafferty, J. “Market shares are not everything”, The Accountant 189.5653 (August 1983).

Research reports

Rafferty, J.. “Report of the consultation mission”, Cyprus Industrial Strategy (Vienna: UNIDO / UNDP, May 1988).

Rafferty, J. “The Cyprus engineering sector strategy“, in R. Murray (ed.), Cyprus Industrial Strategy (Vienna: UNIDO / UNDP, December 1987).

Rafferty, J. “The engineering and metalworking sector in Cyprus”, Sector Strategy Review no.5 (Vienna: UNIDO / UNDP, June 1987).

Case studies

Rafferty, J. & M.R. Lucas. Hatfield Distributors Limited (Cranfield: ECCH, 2007). Case Number 307-337-1. Hatfield Distributors Limited, Teaching Note, 307-337-8.

Rafferty, J. & M.R. Lucas. William Oliver, Bootmaker (Cranfield: ECCH, 2006). Case Number 306-357-1. William Oliver, Case Teaching Note, 306-357-8.

Rafferty, J. Gemini Steel Tubes Limited (Cranfield: ECCH, 1996). Case Number 396-132-1.

Unpublished / monographs

Rafferty, J. Jetting to success: the case of the Air Transfer and Bearings Systems Division of Rolls-Royce PLC (2007). Currently under review by Rolls-Royce PLC.

Rafferty, J. Bushido and non-performing loans: Is a cultural supply-side revolution the answer to Japan’s growth problems? (March 2004). Monograph available on request.

Rafferty, J. Strategic groups and managerial perceptions: A cognitive lens perspective of empirical evidence (Doctoral thesis, University of Buckingham, 1999).

Rafferty, J. Economic organisation and the Japanese paradigm (Wincott Discussion Papers, April 1997).

Invited conference papers

Rafferty, J. & J. Tapsell. “Self-managed teams: cultural influences and competitive advantage”, International Work Psychology Conference, Sheffield, July 1998.

Rafferty, J. “Flexible manufacturing and the management of change”, British Production and Inventory Control Society Conference, Buckingham, August 1989.

Rafferty, J. & G. Johnson. “Strategic change agents and their links to corporate culture”, Fifth Annual Strategic Management Society Conference, Amsterdam, September 1988.

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