Ms Mary Powis

Lecturer in Quantitative Methods


Mary Powis teaches maths and statistics modules.  She studied maths at the University of Southampton, then tried Accountancy as a profession but found this too boring.  Mary then worked in Human Relations, becoming a specialist in Equality issues, which is still a great interest of hers.

After a career break to bring up two children she became a Kumon Instructor, helping children to develop maths and English skills.  On moving to Buckingham she started also working as a VL for the university.  Eventually she gave up Kumon and worked solely for the university, becoming a full member of staff in 2014, first in the Business department and now in Economics and International Relations.

Kumon taught Mary that anyone can be good at maths, it just takes two things: self-belief and the correct learning approach. Mary is available for anyone who needs help with maths.

Tel: +44 (0)1280 820149

AdRB, Room 116

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