John Lovell

BLEU Associate

John LovellJohn Lovell is an Operational Excellence Director for BE Aerospace and has held an improvement title since 1989. He has been crafting his skill in Automotive for over 10 years and Aerospace for the last 15 across Europe, USA and the Far East. Trained by Nissan, Honda and Toyota, he has been able to translate the teaching into many non-Lean structured businesses.

Trained as a computer engineer with a degree in Electronics from Brunel Technical College in the mid-70s, he moved into project management with Digital Equipment Corporation. The project management led into larger projects and subsequently into projects for the Automotive sector. He managed the first implementation of a “Just in Time” factory for TRW Automotive to their customer Rover in the late 1980s. He worked for a number of US corporate companies (Lucas, TRW, Goodrich, Goodyear) both in the UK and for a 10-year period in the US. He has more recently completed his Master’s in “Lean manufacturing” at Cardiff University (2012).

John has gained experience in delivering sustainable improvements by connecting Senior Management Teams to the “Work” of pro-active management and the development of systems that support everyday work to ensure success. He has by this approach developed the link from the bottom-up improvement myth, to a senior team driven programme driven by business requirements. John was a contributor to the “Lean Thinking” book written by Womack-Jones during his time with TRW.

John lives currently in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland and works from the BE Aerospace’s Aircraft seating facility.

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