Gemma Margetts

PhD Student

Gemma MargettsThe Clore Laboratory
University of Buckingham
Hunter Street
MK18 1EG, UK
Tel:  +44 (0)1280 820237


Gemma completed her BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her final year project explored the potential health benefits of black and white tea extract on cytokines production using a human monocytic cell line. She was awarded her MSc in Biomedical Science (Medical Biochemistry) at the same university completing a project entitled “Exploring the therapeutic effects of exercise and its potential to reduce inflammation in neurodegenerative disease”.

Gemma started recently her PhD at Clore Laboratory (Buckingham Institute for Translational Medicine), to elucidate the links between metabolic diseases (obesity & type 2 diabetes) and neurodegenerative diseases. In parallel, she is investigating the potential beneficial effects of medicinal plants on low-grade systemic inflammation-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory responses in nerve cells.

Main research interests

  • Neuro-inflammation and exercise
  • Plant treatments for syndrome X (metabolic syndrome), obesity and diabetes
  • Oxidative stress, inflammation and degenerative diseases,
  • Autism spectrum disorder research
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