Dr Osman Sharif Osman

Bioimaging Research Fellow


Dr Osman Sharif OsmanThe Clore Laboratory (BITM)
University of Buckingham
Hunter Street
MK18 1EG


Osman completed his BSc in Geology. He went on to complete his PgDip and MSc in Computer Science.

Osman is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow, working in bio-image analysis to assess skin ageing and diseases.

Osman has completed his MPhil and DPhil in Bioimaging Sciences from the University of Buckingham. His PhD thesis title is “Automated Computational Techniques for High-throughput Image Analysis of Skin Structure”. He has contributed in the development of novel biological image processing and analysis systems involved for cutaneous researches.


  • Assessment of skin integrity by identifying the changes in skin structure that degrades with age and diseases. This involves image processing techniques and statistical analysis.
  • Current research involves the effect of rosiglitazone and other treatments on skin structure in diabetes and obesity.

Collaboration Projects

  • Cutaneous phenotyping project with WTSI: The project is about developing an automatic high throughput analysis for detecting interesting cutaneous phenotypes using image processing techniques by segmenting and quantifying the features revealed from H&E skin images.
  • Pigmentation pilot study with a cosmetic company: The pilot study project is about developing algorithms of automated method to assess the episkin integrity, depth and alignment of epidermal sub-layers and quantify the melanin content per unit area of epidermis.
  • Skin mould analysis project with Veronique Bataille: Automated structure-based skin mould analysis to create measure-ments for chronological ageing of human skin and assessing the effect of age and other factors on skin structure.


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