Dr Jeremy Martin

Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Dr Jeremy Martin, Honorary Senior Research FellowDr Jeremy Martin is a highly experienced High Performance Computing Manager. Most of his career has been spent working in various scientific domains. These include Human Genetics, Drug Discovery, Astronomy and, currently, Actuarial Science. He leads highly technical teams, solving complex problems, and building elegant and fit-for-purpose software and hardware solutions.

At Lloyd’s of London, Dr Martin is in charge of the High Performance Computing (HPC) service and he is manager of the HPC Team, which currently includes six technical specialists with strong and diverse scientific training. Their main HPC application is the Lloyd’s Internal Model, which is a mathematical simulation of all the business conducted in the Lloyd’s market.

Dr Martin holds a BA/MA honours in Mathematics from University of Cambridge and a DPhil in Computer Science from University of Buckingham.

As a Visiting Research Fellow, he intends to perform research in:

  • Application of Formal Methods to testing and verification of parallel programs;
  • Application of High Performance Computing to Insurance Capital Modelling in order to improve scalability and performance;
  • Development of an improved BSP model for predicting the scalability of parallel algorithms.
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