Colonel Pierre Lethier PhD


Dr Pierre Lethier is a former senior intelligence officer with the French Foreign Department (SDECE/DGSE).

Since retiring from the field, he has continued his association with the subject matter as a member of the Study Group on Intelligence at RUSI. He also participated in the post-doctoral research team of King’s College London Department of War Studies where he was appointed a Research Fellow. He delivers papers and lectures on European intelligence organisations and the Cold War in various UK universities and think tanks, and also advises foreign students on European, Mediterranean and African matters in which he has both professional and academic experience.

Over recent years, Pierre has also developed a keen interest in representations of intelligence, counter-espionage and clandestine action in popular culture, with a particular focus on the narratives, iconographies, allegories and satires of secret institutions. He has collaborated with the British Film Institute on spy depictions in cinema, and continues to publish essays and contribute to books in the UK, Europe and the US.

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