Dr Andy McKeown

Michael Harrison-Blount

Academic Lead for Podiatry

Stephen Maden

Admissions Administrator - Medicine

Dr Andy McKeown

Deputy Director of Medical Education- Crewe Campus

Professor Doug McWhinnie

Phase II Lead, MBChB course

Professor Stewart Petersen

Emeritus Professor

Dr Carmen Piñon

Senior Lecturer

Dr Joanne Selway

Senior Lecturer and Equality Lead

Professor Karol Sikora

Founding Dean of the Medicine School

Professor Greg Simons

GP Lead

Kim Smyth

Operations Support Assistant

Dr Claire Stocker

Senior Lecturer and Student Support Lead

Professor Peter Thomas

Phase 2 Lead

Lloyd Thomas

IT Support Officer, Medical School

Dr Ingrid Wallace

GP Operations Lead

Lilian Watson

Curriculum Manager

Jessica Wilmore

Student Support Assistant