Dr Paddy Walker

Professor John Adamson

Professorial Research Fellow in Modern History

Dr Hisham Al-Assam

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Dr Naseer Al-Jawad

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Professor Geoffrey Alderman

Emeritus Professor

Dr Athar Ali

Lecturer in Applied Computing, Programme Director

Dr Alaa AlZoubi

Research Fellow in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Dr Subhi Ashour

Programme Director (Foundation)

Mark Attenburrow

Head of Physical Education

Dr Adriano Aymonino

Director of Undergraduate Programmes

Dr Deba Bardhan-Correia

Dean, Business School

Amy Barnes

Research and Partnerships Administrator

Laura Barritt

Head of Secondary School Teacher Training

Dr Mohga Bassim

Lecturer in Economics

Sanjay Bhasin

BLEU Associate

Professor John Bicheno

Emeritus Professor

Soudabeh Bolourian

Lecturer in Business & Management

Dr Pete Boss

Adam Bowman

Research Administrator

Professor Judith Bray

Emeritus Professor

Sally Brown

Departmental Administrator for History and History of Art

Dr Frances Burton

Senior Lecturer in Law, Equity and Trusts

Dr Nicholas Cambridge

Honorary Research Fellow in Humanities and Medical History

Professor Richard Canning

Honorary Professorial Research Fellow

Dr Juan Castañeda

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Elaine Chambers

Senior School Administrator

Alifa Nazia Chowdhury

Professor Lloyd Clark

Professorial Research Fellow in Modern War Studies

Sandra Clarke

Dean of Law

Professor John Clarke

Emeritus Professor

Dr Helen Clegg

Lecturer in Psychology

Ed Clements
Team Integra Solutions

Programme Director of the MSc Lean Leadership programme

James Cliff

Operations Manager

Stephen Cook

Senior Tutor and Director of SCITTS and Overseas Programmes

Dr Patricia Covarrubia

Senior Lecturer in Law

Dr Emma Curry

Honorary Junior Research Fellow, School of Humanities

Catherine Damon

Programme Director for the English Language Studies Programmes

Professor Saul David

Professor of Military History

Dr Paul E.H. Davis

Honorary Research Fellow in English Literature

Dr Graeme Davis

Honorary Professorial Research Fellow

Hayley Day

Admissions Administrator

Dr Karine Deslandes

Head of Department | Programme Director | Senior Lecturer in French

Dr Melina Dobson

BUCSIS Lecturer

Luna Dou

Lecturer in Business Management

Professor John M L Drew

Associate Dean, School of Humanities

Hongbo Du

Reader in Computing, Programme Director

Dalene Duvenage

BUCSIS Senior Research Fellow

Professor Susan Edwards

Emeritus Professor

Sansy El Hassan Diane

Honorary Junior Research Fellow, BUCSIS

Dr Sarah Evans-Howe

Lecturer in Business and Marketing

Dr Erin Ferguson

Law School Lecturer

Dr Philip Fine

Admissions Tutor for Postgraduate Psychology

Professor Paul Finn

Professorial Research Fellow

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Head of History and History of Art

Dr Brendan Fleming

Lecturer and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in English Literature

Professor Pauline Found

Emeritus Professor

Dr Kathryn Friedlander

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Oxana Garanina

Senior Lecturer (Organisational Behaviour and HR Management)

Professor Anthony Glees

Emeritus Professor

Dr Paul Graham

Senior Lecturer in Politics

Dr Francis Grimal

Reader in Public International Law

Gail Grimston

Operations Manager for Institute of International Monetary Research

Michael Harrison-Blount

Academic Lead for Podiatry

Jan Harwell

Programme Director for Professional Doctorate

Professor John Hatchard

Emeritus Professor

Professor Stefan Hawlin

Professor of English Literature

Rose Heathcote

Senior Lecturer in Operational Excellence and Head of Lean

Professor Simon Heffer

Professorial Research Fellow

Dr Jean-Frédéric Hennuy

Visiting Lecturer in French

Dr Gillian Hill

Lecturer in Psychology

Helen Holland

Executive Team Secretary and Admissions Administrator

Tom Holland

Senior Research Fellow in Ancient History

Jeremy Howard

Programme Director, MA in Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors

Dr Mike Humphries

Lecturer in History

Dr Maysson Ibrahim

Lecturer in Computing, Buckingham University

Professor David Jacques

Programme Director, MA in Archaeology; Professorial Research Fellow in Archaeology

Professor Sabah Jassim

Professor of Mathematics and Computation

Sarah Jayasuriya

Admissions Manager

Graham Jones

Programme Director for Business Enterprise

Dr Thomas Jones

Lecturer in History

Dr Ali Kabiri

Head of Economics and International Studies

Dr Bill Kappis

Deputy Director of BUCSIS and Lecturer in Security Studies

Dr Bethany Kelly

Director of Programmes

Jayne Kelly

School of Science Administrator

Dr Sean Kelsey

Senior Research Fellow in Early Modern History

Justine Kibler

Visiting Lecturer in Photojournalism

Professor Matthias Klaes

Nigel Vinson Chair of Political Economy

Dr Valentina Kostadinova

Lecturer in Politics

Daniela Krachanova-Dimitrova

Operations Administrator (Finance & NASENCO)

Professor Ihsan Lami

Professor of Computing

Joanna Leach

Head of Department, Foundation & Academic Skills

Professor Barnaby Lenon

Dean of Education

Michael Liversidge

Academic Adviser in History of Art

Faye Love

Admissions Assistant

John Lovell

BLEU Associate

Kirsty Lowe-Brown

Psychology Technician and Demonstrator | Visiting Lecturer

Dr Hazel Mackenzie

Lecturer in English Literature

Stephen Maden

Admissions Administrator - Medicine

Dr Rachel Manning

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Jeremy Martin

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Alan Martin

Dean of Psychology & Wellbeing

Shonali Mathur

Director of Operations

Dr Emily Mattacola

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Andy McKeown

Deputy Director of Medical Education- Crewe Campus

Dr David McLoughlin

Visiting Professor

Sheena McMurtrie

Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Doug McWhinnie

Phase II Lead, MBChB course

Christine Mera

Programme Director for Management Masters

Sarah Molyneaux

MFL Administrator

Alec Morris

Lecturer in Law, Law Admissions Tutor

Dr Gar Yein Ng

Lecturer in Law

Dr Tuan Nguyen

Lecturer in Computing

Ben Nicholls

Research Fellow, CEER

Bryony Norburn

Foundation Administrator

Julie O’Shea

Clinical Legal Education Manager

Dr Peter Orford

Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Adolfo Paolini

Reader in Commercial Law, Director LLM programmes

Amanda Parker-Jones

Course Developer

Professor David Paroissien

Honorary Professorial Research Fellow in English Literature

Roger Perkins

Programme Director, Journalism

Professor Stewart Petersen

Emeritus Professor

Dr Carmen Piñon

Senior Lecturer

Emma Pitson

PG Programme Administrator

Dr Maša Popovac

Lecturer in Psychology

Mary Powis

Lecturer in Quantitative Methods

Dr Setara Pracha

Lecturer in English Language and English Literature

Michael Prodger

Senior Research Fellow in the History of Modern Art

Kerry Purcell

Lecturer in Law

Dominic Randall

Teaching and Assessment Administrator

Professor Nick Rees

Honorary Professorial Fellow

Professor Julian Richards

Director of BUCSIS and Professor of Politics

Professor Martin Ricketts

Emeritus Professor

Stacey Ridgway

Department Administrator for Economics and International Studies

Professor Jane Ridley

Professor of History

Carmen Rivera-Galicia

Admissions Tutor for MFL programmes | Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Felicity Roberts-Holmes

Lecturer in English Language Studies

Sharon Salerno

Department Administrator

Sarah Samways

Departmental Administrator - The Department of English and Digital Media

Dr Sarah Sargent

Reader in Law

Dr Faisal Satti

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Petros Savvides

BUCSIS Research Fellow

Professor Pedro Schwartz

Visiting Lecturer in Economics

Dr David Scott

Senior Research Fellow in Early Modern History

The Hon. Dr Jocelynne Scutt

Senior Fellow

Professor John Seddon Vanguard Consulting Ltd

BLEU Associate

Sir Anthony Seldon

Honorary Visiting Professor (Education)

Dr Harin Sellahewa

Dean of Computing, Reader in Computer Science

Dr Joanne Selway

Senior Lecturer and Equality Lead

Professor Len Shackleton

Professor of Economics

Professor Gary Sheffield

Visiting Professor in the History of War; Visiting Professorial Research Fellow

Professor Karol Sikora

Founding Dean of the Medicine School

Professor Greg Simons

GP Lead

Dr Gurcharan Singh

Programme Director for Accounting and Finance

Dr James Slater

Reader in Law

Tracey Smith

Head of Primary School Teacher Training

Edward Smith

Senior Research Fellow in Journalism

Professor Alan Smithers

Director of CEER

Kim Smyth

Operations Support Assistant

Dr Charmaine Sonnex

Lecturer in Psychology

John Spoerry

Programme Director for Business and Management

Dr Graham Stewart

Senior Research Fellow in Twentieth-Century British History

Dr Clare Stewart

GP Narrative Medicine Lead

Dr Claire Stocker

Senior Lecturer and Student Support Lead

Professor Matthias Strohn

Honorary Visiting Professor of Military Studies

Brian Sturgess

Visiting Lecturer

Jill Suckling

Lecturer in Psychology

Jae Sundaram

Senior Lecturer in International Trade and Maritime Law

Dr Ali Tajvidi

Senior Visiting Fellow

Raymond Tallis

Director of the Philosophy by Research Programme

Professor Peter Thomas

Phase 2 Lead

Lloyd Thomas

IT Support Officer, Medical School

Christopher Thompson

Senior Research Fellow in Early Modern History

Dr Margaret Tilley

Lecturer in Psychology

Sarah Timms

Admissions Assistant

Adrian Tinniswood

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Kazuhiro Tobisawa

Honorary Research Fellow, Max Beloff Centre for the Study of Liberty

Professor James Tooley

Vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham

Pam Truesdale

Operations Administrator

Gillian Turner

Senior Operations Assistant

Dr Paddy Walker

Senior Research Fellow in Modern War Studies

Dr Ingrid Wallace

GP Operations Lead

Dr Cathy Waters

Honorary Senior Research Fellow in English Literature

Lilian Watson

Curriculum Manager

Justin Watts

BLEU Associate | Visiting Lecturer

Phoebe Wentworth

School Administrator, Exams and Assessments

Stephen Wilkinson

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Dr John Williams

Senior Research Fellow, CEER

Dr Tony Williams

Honorary Senior Research Fellow in English Literature

Jessica Wilmore

Student Support Assistant

Natalie Winnett

Department Administrator

Anita Wise

Executive Administrator

Alison Wood

Administrator for School of Computing

Professor Geoffrey Wood

Emeritus Professor