Press Release: University of Buckingham launches Centre for Extractive Energy Studies

18 December 2013

The University of Buckingham Centre for Extractive Energy Studies (UBCEES) – the first of its kind in the country – has launched with a conference examining current issues.

The aim of the new centre, based at the University of Buckingham, is to offer a holistic approach to the study of extractive energy. This ranges from issues of good governance and accountability, combating corruption and asset recovery, on to the legal, fiscal and competition issues relating to the actual process of the extraction and carriage of energy resources and its environmental and social impact.

The new centre is also exploring community and labour rights in the global extractive energy sector, including indigenous community participation in the decision making process of the ownership, extraction and sustainable management of energy resources.

Key speakers at the one day conference were Prof. Bob Lee, University of Exeter, James Maton, Partner, Edwards Wildman LLP, Dr Natalia Yakovleva, University of Winchester and Carlos Bellorin, Senior Petroleum Analyst, IHS Energy. Richard Grover, Oxford Brookes University.

The conference papers provided insights and perspectives on resource nationalism, conflicts between communities and corporations, combating corruption in the global energy sector and the current socio-legal and environmental challenges of shale gas fracking.

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