Press Release: Buckingham comes of age

23 June 2011

The University of Buckingham has re-entered The Times league table this year and been placed at Number 21 out of 116 because of its stellar performance in student satisfaction, staff / student ratio and graduate prospects.

From September 2012, Buckingham’s undergraduate degrees will have one of the lowest home tuition fees of an English university when you take into account that they only take two years. Despite recent publicity, a first-class private university education does not have to cost £18,000 a year. (See table below)

The only independent, non-profit university in Britain, Buckingham  emphasises the personal approach that comes from having fewer than 10 students to each member of staff. Its students are the most satisfied in the country.

Its independent status means that Buckingham is excluded from the Research Assessment Exercise but The Times Good University Guide says that “it would almost certainly have finished in the top 20, rather than just outside it, if its research could be assessed”.

Professor Terence Kealey, the University’s Vice-Chancellor, said: “Finally Buckingham is receiving the recognition it deserves.  We have always put a high value on small group teaching and the message is getting through to students. This year applications are up 100 per cent, a testament to our growing reputation.”

Note on Buckingham Tuition Fees 2012/13

2012/13 Annual 2012/13 Net of Loan Total for 2 Year Degree* Total Net of Loan*
From Sept 2012 £11,250 £5,250 £22,500 £10,500
From Sept 2012 in receipt of maintenance grant £10,250 £4,250 £20,500 £8,500
Pre September 2012 £9,420 £6,045 £18,840 £12,090

*These figures are in current money. Fees and loans will be adjusted each year for inflation.

  1. The net cost of a University of Buckingham degree will fall for home students starting after September 2012.
  2. Any such student will qualify for a government student loan of £6,000pa. They can also claim maintenance loans and, indeed, maintenance grants where family income is below £42,600.
  3. In addition, any such student who can show that they are receipt of a maintenance grant (full or partial) will receive an automatic Buckingham Bursary of £1,000 p.a.

For further information, contact Lucy Hodges on +44 (0)1280 820115