Our Success Stories

At the Computing School at Buckingham, we are proud of the success of our students and graduates. You will find below what some of our recent graduates have to say about their time at Buckingham and how it helped their careers.

Alisha Mahajan (BSc Computing, 2019)

I was initially studying Economics at UCL. However, the course didn’t resonate with me so I decided to change my degree after the first term. I got a chance to do an internship at the Customer Experience Department at Salesforce and decided that I wanted to make a career in User Experience and User Interface Design.

In search to join a new degree, The University of Buckingham stood out for me due to its two-year programme with a start date in January and a very high student satisfaction score. Read more

Renata Franczak (BSc Computing with Accounting and Finance, 2018)

I never wanted to end my adventure with studying after graduating from high school. Studying at university was my dream. Unfortunately, for a moment I thought of it as “an impossible dream”. Happiness smiled to me about 8 years after graduation and it was time to start higher education. Choosing the University of Buckingham turned out to be the best choice. Read more

Nicholas Whiskerd (BSc Computing, 2017)

In advance of making any formal application, I made enquiries to Buckingham and was readily invited to visit and meet with department staff, discuss what was right for me, and how and when I could start. Flexibility was offered due to my previously studied applicable modules and, therefore, I was able to join the BSc Computing programme in the second of the four half-year terms. The two-year bachelor’s degree programme appealed to me, as it was not a case of increased pressure beyond what is fairly expected, but simply was efficiently structured, notably without long breaks between terms. Read more

Phillip Mutebi Nsubuga (BSc Computing with Accounting and Finance, 2017)

I joined Buckingham as unlike most Universities, they offered a January start date in addition to the normal September entry. This was suitable for me joining from a South African school whose academic year ended in December. This partnered with the consistently high ranking for student satisfaction made Buckingham a compelling choice and I have not regretted. My time at the University of Buckingham has shaped me into the person I am today. Read more

Abhiram Adi (BSc Computing with Economics, 2015)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the School of Computing in Buckingham, as it provided me with opportunities to develop real-life IT projects, and my particular highlight was working with the research department to produce a mobile-based chemical recognition application. I received a lot of support from various lecturers, and because the University is so tight-knit, the collaborative learning that I gained was invaluable. Read more


Humzah Ghauri (BSc Computing with Business Management, 2013)

Buckingham’s 2 year degree was a very attractive proposition to me; it meant I could start building my professional career sooner. Furthermore, Buckingham’s Computing department is ranked as one of the top in the UK so it was an obvious choice for me. I studied the BSc Computing with Business Management degree which was the ideal major/minor course combination – it provided me with the Computing Fundamentals alongside Business sense for working in the real world for a business. Read more

Dhiya Al-Saqri (MSc Applied Computing, 2017)

Upon successful completion of my BSc at the College of Applied Sciences – Suhar in Oman, I was awarded a scholarship from the College to complete a master’s in Computing. I had the option to choose any university from around the world but, the University of Buckingham was my beautiful destiny. I started my postgraduate study at Buckingham in January 2015. There are places where you can dream, but there are places where your dreams become true. Read more

Ngozi Ogo (MSc Applied Computing, 2017)

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in software engineering in my home country (Nigeria), I decided to immediately pursue a postgraduate degree in computing from a foreign university, preferably in the United Kingdom. The University of Buckingham was one of the few schools that had admission openings for April in my chosen field and going through the rankings of the Computing department, it seemed like the choice was already made for me. Read more

Jean Jimbo (MSc Innovative Computing, 2012)

The staff to student ratio at the University of Buckingham is unmatched, making it easy to not only approach staff but to encourage a supportive environment, which is crucial to the success of students. One of my favourite activities involved how the School of Computing encouraged students to come together to share their work in weekly seminars, opening up discussions where we could learn from each other no matter our level of study or exposure to various technologies. Read more

Jeremy Martin (DPhil Computer Science, 1996)

I was lucky enough to study part time at Buckingham in the nineties, ten years after studying for my first degree which was Mathematics at Cambridge. I was working as a programmer in the Oxford University Computing Services at the time and had a young family. I had a desire to become more deeply immersed in Computer Science and hoped to open some interesting future career opportunities. Read more