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Online Clearing Form 2021


"Hello, my name is [employee name] from The University of Buckingham Clearing Team. Can I ask for your name please? [Pause] Hello [name of student], welcome to the University of Buckingham Clearing line...

Before we proceed, as you will be sharing your personal information with us today, I need to make you aware of data protection-this is a legal obligation. [Pause] We are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] and our staff are trained in Data Protection.

The University of Buckingham collects personal data from prospective students, therefore as a controller of personal data, we confirm that we shall comply with our obligations and duties under the data protection and privacy legislation in force from time to time in the UK including the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679).

For more information on our data protection and privacy policy please visit:”

Now that we have covered GDPR, how can I help you today [name of student]
Do you have a UCAS id or Clearing number?
Instruct the student to complete on the website the direct application form for the course.

Find course > Apply > Apply directly > select start date


Key: Build rapport
Bear in mind they may be distressed as they have been rejected from first choice uni’s. Give them space to talk, gather background about applicant, where they live, etc.


Key: Explain benefits and set expectations
Be mindful the applicant may have been rejected from first choices and be very excited if we offer them a place only to find out they have to pay full fees, which they have no way of paying – manage expectations and avoid wasted effort for both applicant and colleagues

Before I take your details to process your Clearing application today, can I tell you a bit about Buckingham?

  • 2 year degree
  • No long summer holiday
  • Independent University
    • loan available - depending on individual circumstances
    • Still a shortfall which needs to be self -funded
    • In the work place a year before peers
    • Including living costs circa 20% cheaper than university charging £9250 pa

    Can I suggest that to get a really good understanding of our fees you have a look at our website once we've finished chatting.

  • Benefits: fewer living expenses, can graduate with a masters in 3 years (rather than the standard four years), small group tutorials
  • Accommodation on campus: we reserve rooms for our Clearing students which are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If we make you an informal offer today and you select us as your first choice on UCAS Track you can book your accommodation through our website. Accommodation is guaranteed to first year students and room offers will begin week commencing 23 August 2021
  • Rural setting: lots of good things, close to London, Luton, Oxford but not lots of night life

So, that is the University of Buckingham in a nutshell - did you have any questions at this point?
Fees explained and understood by the student? *
Excellent, I can now proceed with processing your application...
Have you applied to us before through UCAS? (optional)
Have you applied directly to us before? (optional)


Key: Data accuracy
Take down accurate details of their qualifications, completing all the fields below


UK, EU or International? *
English Language? (International students only)
5 x GCSE 9 - 4 (A* - C) including English and Maths grade 4 (C) or above? *

Key: Confirmation
Before moving on, please repeat the qualifications and grades that you have heard back to the prospective student and ask them to confirm they are correct.


If they have met the criteria for the course:

“Thank you (name of caller), I am pleased to confirm that I am able to make you an informal offer today, congratulations! This offer will be sent to you by email and this will provide all of the information you need to continue to get your formal offer with us for September 2021/January 2022. This offer lasts for 24 hours.”

If they have not met the criteria for the course:

“Thank you (name of caller), I have recorded all of your qualifications and I can see that you have not quite met the requirements for this course. Unfortunately we are not able to make you an offer today."

The prospective student has to be referred to an admissions tutor, as instructed on the entry requirements table:

“Thank you (name of caller), I am not able to confirm an offer right now but I will refer your request for a place at Buckingham to the school of study to see what opportunities we have available for you. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.”

Now complete the sections below so the applicant can receive the offer email or the referral picked up by the admissions team


Application decision *