Our guide to adjustment

You may get to results day and find that you’ve exceeded all expectations. If your grades are higher than you’d anticipated, congratulations!

You may want to reconsider your choices and explore courses at different universities. If you would like to decline your original offer elsewhere and would like to study at Buckingham instead, we would welcome your application.

Before you decide to pursue this option, double check that Adjustment is available to you. If either of the following apply, you will not be eligible:

  • Your original offer was unconditional
  • You did not exceed the grades given in your conditional offer

When can I begin the Adjustment process?

Adjustment runs from 13-31 August.

So, if one of our courses has caught your eye, contact us for more information and we’d be happy to help you find a place. If you decide to explore this option, your original offer will remain safe unless you accept an offer from another university and confirm this on your UCAS account.

How do I apply for Adjustment?

To get the ball rolling, simply login to UCAS and select ‘Register for Adjustment’. Once you have verbally accepted a new offer, the university will add themselves to your UCAS application. Remember, you can only accept one offer when going through the Adjustment process, as with Clearing.

If you still need help, take a look at our Clearing page and discover the other ways in which we can help you find a place – there’s still time to join us!