MSc Lean Leadership

Many strive to emulate the success of the Lean leadership seeking its promise for better products, service or for those in healthcare, patient outcomes. Targeting less waste and improved top and bottom-line performance.

Some show outstanding, sustainable achievements and growth. Others are yet to garner returns.

We know Lean works and unleashes superior potential. But, why do some succeed and others not? Furthermore, how will Lean advance as we catapult into a new era? How will leaders nurture a fearless and innovative organisation?

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At the heart of Lean is the journey of discovery and making things better.

The MSc Lean Leadership is specially designed to provide leaders and managers at any level with the expertise to improve and thrive in a turbulent world. We preserve fundamental Lean principles but draw from cutting-edge advancements and thought leadership.

2 years, part-time: year 1 – 8 modules + assignments, year 2 – research methods and thesis


Who should study this course?

Lean thinking applies in any industry, both the private and public sector. There are environment-specific nuances to consider when unlocking potential across sectors. You will learn to internalise the learning to suit your industry and situation.

We draw from healthcare, financial services, ICT, public service, entrepreneurship and manufacturing examples to create a diverse, thought-provoking, yet relevant learning experience.

We welcome applicants from any sector with significant experience or a degree.

Ideally you lead a line, department or senior team and aim to apply the learning to a particular challenge identified in your organisation.

You demonstrate a keen interest in big picture thinking and how to translate that to everyday, frontline learning and action.

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