European Lean Educator Conference 2016 (ELEC 2016)

European Lean Educators ConferenceIn September 2016, at Buckingham, we held the Second Lean Educator Conference.

The annual Lean Educator Conferences are aimed at fostering Lean education in higher education institutions and training establishments by sharing the experiences of educators and trainers in teaching the ever-expanding field of Lean.

The Buckingham conference was a great success with 130 attendees from 16 countries, two conference days and two workshop days.

The Annual ELEC Conferences have now become an established forum for Lean Educators to share experiences and opportunities, and we hope to see this much-needed aspect grow and flourish further at ELEC 2017 in The Netherlands.

The full 2016 Conference Programme is given below (with slides for each talk where available).

The standard of presentations was very high, and very positive evaluations were given concerning both content and scope. We had hoped to publish a book of conference proceedings. Unfortunately we did not get sufficient written papers. Instead we decided to publish the papers on this website. The papers are too good to miss! I feel sure that as a “Lean Educator’ or indeed as a Lean practitioner you find the 14 papers stimulating.

A review of the papers (and indeed the whole conference agenda) will give a good impression of the wide, and ever expanding, range of areas and organisations where Lean principles are being successfully applied, and the challenges and opportunities that being a ‘Lean Educator’ now present.

Finally, this collection of papers is dedicated to Anna Posio who gave an excellent pre-conference on the highly relevant topic of Kata in Education, but sadly passed away in February 2017.

We have grouped the papers into 4 sections.  Click on the titles to read the papers.

Lean in higher education:

  • David Speake and Rachel McAssey on ‘Emerging Themes’ discuss practical implementation problems that many university Lean educators have faced. A useful paper for any facing similar issues.
  • Owen Berkley Hill, ‘Getting Lean Back on Track’, makes a strong plea for Lean to be adopted in MBA programmes. Long overdue, I think.
  • Judith Enke, Michael Tisch and Joachim Metternich, discuss the exciting ‘Learning Factory’ whereby students learn Lean by a series of practical, hands-on experiences. Surely a pointer towards better lean learning!

Case Studies of Lean Education in Health, Public Sector, and Banking

Lean in New Product Development

  • Pia Anhede and Jonas Ingby in ‘Improving Organizational Capability’ discuss the opportunities, challenges and problems of applying the ‘hot’ topic of Kata to New Product Development, and give a case study of actual use.
  • Jannes Slomp in ‘Product Architecture Mapping’ gives a powerful and new and proven framework for new product design and development. Useful here is how the approach links in with established and emerging concepts.

Value, Implementation, Accounting, History

Best wishes

John Bicheno
Professor of Lean Enterprise
University of Buckingham

Speaker slides and published papers

Day 1 – Keynote Presentations

Name Company Title of Paper (click on the links for slides and published papers)
Belinda Waldock Being Agile Agile for Lean People: slides
Christoph Roser (Prof Dr) Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences The Origins of Lean & Lessons for Today: slides; published paper
Darrell Mann (Prof) Systematic Innovation Ltd Lean for Leaders: slides
John Seddon (Prof) Vanguard Consulting Ltd Systems Thinking & Re-Thinking Lean: slides
Patrick Graupp TWI Institute, USA TWI in Healthcare: slides
Pauline Found (Prof) University of Buckingham Kata for the Environment: slides
Sir Anthony Seldon  University of Buckingham Innovation in Education – NOT AVAILABLE
Teresa Hattingh University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Teaching Lean to Undergraduate Engineers: slides

Day 2 – Streamed Presentations

Name Company Title of Paper (click on the links for slides and published papers)
Adam Blackwood JISC New Perspectives Through New Technology Lenses (Technology for Leaner Ideas in Education): slides
Adrian Ruth (Director) &
Matthew Robinson (Transformation Manager)
BBC Spark – BBC Broadcasting House Teaching lean at the BBC – Making traditional lean concepts relevant in a creative world: slides
Ameer Robertson
(Associate Exec Director of Ancillary Operations)
NYC Health & Metropolitan Hospital Center, New York Deep Lean Learning: How the Legal Service Industry Can Reinvent Itself for Long-term Sustainability: slides
Anna Possio
(Lean Trainer & Kata Coach)
Leannovator Toyota Kata at School: The Challenge of Developing “Scientific Teachers”: slides
Christoph Roser (Prof Dr) Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Taiichi Ohno’s Chalk Circle in the Office: slides; published paper
Dean Marshall
(Snr Director -LEGO® Group’s EMEA Brand Retail Store Operations)
LEGO® Group Shifting the paradigm: Bringing lean thinking principles and practices to the service industry – NOT AVAILABLE
Denis Becker (TWI Institute Partner) &
Philip Pearson (Dr) (Consultant Respiratory Physician & Clinical Lecturer)
(DB) Fastpaced Lean Coaching Ltd (PP) Northampton NHS Trust & Leicester Medical School Training within Industry in the NHS – 1948 to 2016.  Does TWI have a place in the modern NHS? – NOT AVAILABLE
Desirée van Dun (Dr) (Management Consultant & Post-doc researcher) &
Pauline Found (Prof) (Head of Dept, UoB)
(DvD) University of Twente & House of Performance, the Netherlands (PF) University of Buckingham Lean Leadership Behaviour to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement: slides
Ed Clements  (Lean & Cont Improvement Consultant),
Chris Thomson (Freelance consultant & former Principal of 6th Form College judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted)
Tim Evans (Education Expert and Consultant)
(EC) Team Integra Solutions (CM) Freelance Consultant (TE) Lean4Learning Ltd Improving or Just Proving? Value For Time, Real Kaizen and Quality Improvement for Further Education: slides
Gazelleh Moradi (Dr) (Business Analyst)
Steve Martin (Dr) (Head of Eng & Computing Dept)
Coventry University Lean in Universities – Stakeholder Voice, Stakeholder Value: slides
Jannes Slomp (Prof. Dr)
(Lecturer- World Class Performance)
University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Netherlands Product Architecture Mapping – Methodology and Teaching Program for the Improvement of Discrete Products: slides; published paper
Judith Enke, Michael Tisch, Joachim Metternich Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany A guide to develop competency-oriented Lean Learning Factories systematically: slides; published paper
Mads Bruun Larsen (Dr)  (Amanuensis, ph.d,) University of Southern Denmark A model and method for customization of Simulation Games: slides
Maria Pia Caraccia
(Global Head of Logistics Continuous Improvement)
Panalpina Are Lean training programs a plug and play for any business? (Panalpina’s cross-road: tailor made Lean training vs standardized Lean training program): slides
Mark Pyne
(Operational Excellence COE Leader)
Ingersoll Rand Pursuit of Excellence in Shared Services:  A Case Study of IRI – NOT AVAILABLE
Mathias Michalicki
Markus Schneider (Prof. Dr)
Technology Center PULS (Production and Logistics Systems) University of Applied Sciences Landshut Using a Simulation Game in a Learning Factory for Teaching Main Principles of Accounting for Lean: slides; published paper
Olga Andreeva  (Director) Japan Center Kaizen in Krasnodar Region, Russia School of New Generation: slides
Owen Berkeley-Hill (Visiting Lecturer) The Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Getting Lean back on track: slides; published paper
Pam Scarry (Development Lead)
Josina Bowering (Head of HMRC PaceSetter: Change Assurance & Investment)
HMRC Our Lean Journey: Learning to Adapt, not Adopt: published paper
Peter Willats 
(Visiting Professor)
Institute for Production Systems, Technical University Dortmund A Learning Pathway from Lean Management towards Factory Physics – NOT AVAILABLE
Pia Anhede (Partner & Senior Consultant)
Tobias Ericsson (Head of Supply Chain)
(PA)  Revere AB (TE) Newbody AB Lean transformation, driving training and learning: slides
Pia Anhede (Partner & Senior Consultant)
Jonas Ingby (Manager – Project Management Office)
(PA) Revere AB (JI) Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB Improving Organisational Capability and Developing New Behaviours in Product Development through Kata: slides; published paper
Rachel McAssey (Head of Process Improvement)
David Speake (Senior Process Improvement Consultant)
Process Improvement Unit, Sheffield University Lean in Higher Education: Concerns, Causes and Countermeasures: slides; published paper
Ralph Kriechbaum (Prof. Dr.-Ing) (Business Management Professor)
Thomas Uhlmann (Dr)  (Founder)
(RK) University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim (TU) Fidelio Healthcare Partners GmbH & Co Genuine and Sustainable Implementation of Lean Management in an Industrial Organization – The Story of a Successful Practical Approach: slides; published paper
Rhian Hamer
(Head of Service Transformation & Excellence)
UK Ministry of Justice Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector – From Capability to Practice: published paper
Roy Stratton
(Reader in Operations & Supply Chain Management)
Nottingham Trent University Managing Complex Patient Flow Using Buffer Management: slides
Simon Elias  (Director) Lean Competency System Teaching Lean in Public Services: Value Confusion: slides; published paper
Stephen McComb NI Connected Health Innovation Centre, Ulster University Applying Lean to Healthcare Delivery for Long Term Conditions such as Heart Failure by Investigation Value Streams & the Role of Technology: slides; published paper
Stephen Parry Lloyd Parry International Designing Organisations that Work for Lean and Agile Thinking People: slides
Steve New (Dr)
(Associate Professor in Operations Management)
Saïd Business School and Fellow of Hertford College, University of Oxford Teaching Lean Concepts for Legal Services: slides
Suzanne Nuttall
(Continuous Improvement Manager)
Mizkan Euro Ltd Not Just a Fireside Chat – NOT AVAILABLE
Viktoría Jensdóttir
(Project Manager for the Kaizen Promotion Office)
University Hospital of Iceland Getting employees of all industries excited to learn about Lean; the usage of the Lean School at Iceland: slides
Rob Collins (Donox Ltd), John Blincow (Lloyds Commercial Bank) & Stephen Pountney (Lloyds Commercial Bank) Rolling out a LCS Accredited Continuous Improvement Academy for Lloyds Commercial Bank in 90 Days: published paper

The first ELEC took place in Stuttgart in 2014 and the second was held in Sweden in September 2015. Both were exceptionally good, allowing delegates to hear highly relevant keynotes, present papers and generally to network and share experiences in teaching, educating, communicating and learning lean and in related fields such as Agile software, Lean Six Sigma and Factory Physics. The event was founded by Professor Constantin May. Visit the ELEC website here:

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