BLEU Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit – Short courses

Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU)

Since the publication in 1996 of Lean Thinking (Womack and Jones), ‘Lean’ has established itself as the most effective and most widely adopted improvement methodology for operations in the world. With roots in the Toyota Production System and in earlier approaches, Lean has expanded vertically into accounting, marketing, HR, IT, design and R&D, and logistics, and horizontally into service, health, government, and banking. Lean is now integrated with other effective approaches including Systems Thinking and Six Sigma.

‘Lean’ is all about creating more value for customers using fewer resources. Our short courses and workshops are led by experts in the field and are a must for anyone who is interested in improving their effectiveness.

Upcoming short courses


We are in the process of finalising our programme of short courses for 2020. In the interim, please email for information.