BLEU Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit – Short courses

Benefit from our experience

ElementsThe team in BLEU have spent many years developing, forward-thinking MSc programmes that have attracted students from across the globe. Built on academic rigor and our practical style they have evolved now offering a unique learning experience.

We want everyone to benefit from the opportunity of borrowing our own learning curve and journey by experiencing an element of that.

Elements is what we call our short courses.

We have named them Elements for three important reasons.

  1. They are all based on the content and structure of the flagship MSc programmes and, as such, are important elements to us.
  2. Like the single, stand-alone, elements in the periodic table they can be attended or delivered individually.
  3. Like elements they can be combined together to make a variety of products and modules. This flexibility is important when designing a tailored support programme.

Lean Enterprise Value LifecycleEach Elements short course can be linked back to the Value Lifecycle which is at the heart of Enterprise Excellence and the flagship MSc programmes.


Elements short courses run on both an open and bespoke basis. The open courses are run in a variety of locations with their frequency determined by their popularity. If you are interested in attending an open course please view the current list of dates and locations. Register your interest and we will follow up with further details

Tailored – “Learning by doing”

Any of the Elements short courses can be tailored to meet your own specific needs. You could build your own University of Buckingham certified programme if you wish. They can be delivered on your own premises using your own examples. We believe in “learning by doing”. That way you can expect to benefit from improved knowledge retention and a positive on-site impact. Also, tailored programmes often deliver better value as the cost per attendee can be lower.

The elements short courses are grouped under the following themes;

Element Days Open Tailored
Lean History & Foundations 1 Open Tailored
Lean & Innovation 1 Open Tailored
Strategy & Policy Deployment 1 Open Tailored
The Vanguard Method 1 Tailored
Accounting and Measures in a Lean Enterprise 1 Open Tailored
Quality and Systems Thinking
Practical Problem Solving – A3 1 Open Tailored
Jidoka – The original pillar 1 Open Tailored
Shingo Quality – Zero Defects 1 Open Tailored
Variation & Quality Tools 1 Open Tailored
Systems Thinking Fundamentals 1 Open Tailored
Deming and the System of Profound Knowledge 1 Open Tailored
Demand, Capacity and Flow
Value & Value Stream Identification 1 Open Tailored
Lean Demand Management 1 Tailored
Capacity Planning & Scheduling 1 Open Tailored
Understanding Pull Systems 1 Open Tailored
Theory Of Constraints Fundamentals 1 Open Tailored
Big Picture Financial Mapping 1 Open Tailored
Value Stream Mapping 2 Open Tailored
Lean and JIT Tools
Layout & Line Balancing 1 Open Tailored
Lean Line Design, Small Machines and Right Sizing 1 Open Tailored
Introduction to TPM & OEE 1 Open Tailored
Flow Optimisation & The V Curve 1 Open Tailored
SMED & Quick Changeover 1 Open Tailored
Kaizen & Improvement Systems 1 Open Tailored
Standard Work & TWI Foundations 1 Open Tailored
Kata coaching, discipline and practice 1 Tailored
Lean Leadership
Managing Change Successfully 1 Open Tailored
Organisational Culture 1 Tailored
High Performance Leadership 1 Tailored
Leadership for Lean 1 Open Tailored
Leader Standard Work 1 Open Tailored
Practical Daily Lean; 5S ….. 1 Open Tailored
Lean Performance and Measures
Flow Accounting 2 Tailored
Innovation Capability and Execution
Triz 1 Open Tailored
Design Thinking for Managers 1 Open Tailored
Big Data Analytics: Measuring REAL Waste 1 Open Tailored
Systematic Service Innovation 1 Open Tailored
Lean Service
Lean Service Design 1 Open Tailored
Lean New Product Development 1 Tailored
Agile and Lean Thinking 1 Tailored