Friends of the University

The ‘Friends of the University of Buckingham’ were formed in 1976 to give members of the local community and other well-wishers the opportunity to identify with the work of the then University College at Buckingham and to participate in some of its activities. One of its most important objectives was to encourage good relations between the University and its neighbours, and in the days before the University had fully developed its own systems of support, Friends were actively involved in the welfare of students.

Today, as well as continuing to provide an important link between the town and the University, the Friends host a reception for each new intake of ‘freshers’, sponsor the concerts and public lectures organised by the University, award prizes to outstanding students, and work with the Development Office, which is the fundraising arm of the University, to raise money to improve the student experience at Buckingham.

As Friends, members of the local community identify themselves with the University and are given the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural, social, and sporting activities. For a modest subscription, members can show their support to the University and be kept in touch with its affairs and progress.

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