True Life Tales … Blanca Miramòn

Blanca Miramón, Global Affairs visiting student 2008

Postgraduate study

My name is Blanca Miramón. I’ve just had the most wonderful holidays and I want to share my experience with you.

After finishing my university studies (BSc, MSc and PhD) in London (LSE and Brunel University respectively) some years ago, I went to work in education in London. Five years ago I moved to Spain, where I come from originally, and where I continue to work in education.

Feeling the need to be intellectually challenged, I looked for a university in Britain to do a course there during my summer holidays in July. My best two offers were a History course at Cambridge and a graduate course in Global Affairs at the University of Buckingham. Cambridge was very tempting of course, but I decided to go to Buckingham where Patricia Prada Jimenez, at the Economics and International Studies Department, organised a very stimulating Study Abroad programme linked to my previous studies.

The MA in Global Affairs is a wonderful programme covering important topics in international affairs such as Security Studies, International Economics, Global Challenges, and others which are crucial in the global world we live in.

The course consisted of well-delivered and interesting lectures followed by stimulating and challenging seminars (or tutorials as they are called at Buckingham). The professors were great authorities in their field and to be lectured by some of the greatest academic minds in Britain was a privilege. The staff at the University were very friendly and professional, helping and making you feel welcome at all times. Everything, including of course the friendly students, contributed to making me feel part of a campus which, being full of different backgrounds and life experiences, was very enriching.

I could go on and on extolling the excellence of this beautiful, peaceful institution in the green and quiet British countryside… Let me finish by giving a piece of advice to anybody who is thinking about doing a degree or spending some time studying. Do it here! Go to the University of Buckingham, you will never be disappointed!