True Life Tales … William Kehoe

William Kehoe, Business graduate 2001

Thanks to the University

It is very hard for me to put down in words the thoughts and overall feelings that I have towards Buckingham University for what they have done for me. This is not because I lack the vocabulary, but simply because I feel that a few simple words of thanks can in no way represent the overwhelming debt of gratitude that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, for the opportunities and education that they provided me with.

My first contact with the University came in the form of an open presentation given by some University representatives at the Cottesloe School 6th form that I attended. It seems funny to me now, that at that time I was unaware that the University of Buckingham existed, let alone of the unique offerings that it provides. At the time of the presentation I was uncertain of what my next step should be. I had just achieved a “Distinction” in GNVQ Business Studies. I was very conscious of the fact my mother did not have the finances that would enable me to attend the normal three to four year degree programmes.

I sat down with the University representatives and explained my situation and they informed me that the University provided a limited number of scholarships for students in the Buckinghamshire area. The University offered me a scholarship for a 2-year Business Degree and this meant that I had now been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to study for a degree which under no other circumstances would it have been possible for me to do so. It was not until I began to attend the University that I began to appreciate just what an opportunity I had been given.

Buckingham University’s unique way of teaching, with its smaller and more personal lectures and tutorials, allows a student to learn and flourish in a much more enabling environment. You become almost a member of one big family, yet this family is so diverse due to the multitude of different cultures that attend the University. The cultural element of the University of Buckingham, for me, was like an added extra. Not only was I receiving an academic education, I was also educating myself by getting to know, befriend and understand many of the students from countries from all around the world.

When I first attended the University I was low in confidence and felt that I would be lucky if I even managed to pass through the preliminary examinations. However the system of education at Buckingham combined with my hard work and determination has meant that I have been able to achieve a First Class Degree with Honours in Business Studies. I do not state this to “blow my own trumpet”, but simply to show that the system at Buckingham really does work.

I am not saying that the system will suit every student. I feel that it is important, though, that other potential students of the University of Buckingham should know just what is on offer for those who like me may not even have been aware that such a unique institution exists.