Student Appreciation Scheme

The Student and Alumni Appreciation Schemes are under review for 2020. At this stage, the University will honour referrals of new students up to and including the September 2019 intake.

If you loved being a student at Buckingham then tell your friends. You could earn yourself a £250 referral fee*.

How can we identify your referrals

  • Your name must appear on the application form (using the ‘where did you hear about Buckingham’ section). If you would like the £250 to be donated to the AAF then please ensure that your name is followed by ‘AAF’ on the application form.
  • If the student is applying through UCAS, a letter must be sent to the University by the nominated student confirming your name.
  • Nominated students must not be studying at an institution to whom we pay commission, or to whom we offer discounted fee arrangements. The application should be made either directly to the University or through UCAS, not through one of our overseas agents.
  • Referrals are for new undergraduate or postgraduate students and do not apply to continuing students.
  • Claims will be accepted up to the end of the first term in which the student registers.

How we administer the Scheme

  • At Registration all new students will be asked if a current student or alumni have referred them. Those that have will be asked to complete the Student Appreciation Scheme form giving full details.
  • These referral forms will be passed to the Finance Office following registration.
  • Finance will arrange payment (£250 per nominated student) when the student referred has paid fees.  If you’d rather not collect the fee, you are welcome to donate it to charity or the Alumni Annual Fund (AAF). This is a fund used to benefit current and future students at Buckingham.

*This scheme does not apply to School of Education students/applicants

Contact details

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact the Administrator in your school of study.